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Phoebe Bridgers sings from a parking lot for James Corden's show and fans are amused

On June 18, Phoebe released her sophomore album, 'Punisher' a day earlier than scheduled and for 'The Late Late Show' she chose to sing a song from her latest album
UPDATED JUN 24, 2020
Phoebe Bridgers (Getty Images)
Phoebe Bridgers (Getty Images)

It was a night of fun on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden'. Apart from his trademark humor, the guests on the show were Will Ferrell and Billy Porter. While there were serious discussions on the worrying political climate, Ferrell promised to bring in cheer with his new Eurovision film with Rachel McAdams, which will release on June 26.  Not just this, he tried to do a Swedish accent too.  The show ended with a song by Phoebe Bridgers, who seemed to have been driving around in her car in the parking lot. 

The song was from her album 'Punisher'. On June 18, Phoebe released her sophomore album, 'Punisher' a day earlier than scheduled. In a tweet, she shared: “I’m not pushing the record until things go back to ‘normal’ because I don’t think they should. Here it is a little early. Abolish the police. Hope you like it.”

Speaking to Corden, Phoebe explained why she put out her record 'Punisher' early, "I just had a couple of people reaching out asking if I was going to push the record early, given the political climate. I feel like the subtext of that is for people to forget Black Lives Matter, or waiting for white people to talk about themselves again on the internet, which I find insanely cringy and offensive. So I just wanted to put it out, and give it to people, connect to the charities and causes I really care about. I'm glad it worked out." 

Fans seemed to have loved this very much and tweeted, "Listening 2 phoebe bridgers it is lethal," a fan wrote. Others found it funny that she drove into a parking lot to share her song. "@phoebe_bridgerscan't help but wonder; what if someone drove into that lot looking to park?" another tweeted.

"Me watching phoebe bridgers drive in circles in a parking lot before bed <3," a fan wrote. "Phoebe Bridgers saying she likes to sit in her car and listen to podcasts and just not go anywhere," another fan wrote. "She makes me want to cry," a fan tweeted.

Others praised her and said that her music is a real mood, and many stayed up listening to her songs. "@phoebe_bridgers and so I was running today and your song came on and I just cried and cried and all the tension left my shoulders and neck and finally I felt. So thank you for making a song that did that to me," a fan shared gratefully.