'The Last Watch' shows Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke getting emotional on their final day of shooting for 'Game of Thrones'

'The Last Watch' shows Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke getting emotional on their final day of shooting for 'Game of Thrones'

Saying goodbye to a show you've worked on for eight years can be very hard and HBO's new documentary on its mammoth show 'Game of Thrones' goes on to display that in great detail. The two characters, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen,  have been the heart of the show from day 1 but saw a very sad end to their storylines in the finale last week. However, nothing seems to compare to the grief of the actors who played them behind the camera. 

'The Last Watch', which is a behind-the-scenes documentary about 'Game of Thrones' shows Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, who played Jon and Dany respectively, unable to stop themselves from getting super emotional on the last day of shooting. 

"Keet" as he's affectionately called by his crew after his Spanish fans coined the name, broke down when Daniel Brett Weiss, the show's co-creator called him as everyone present laughed nostalgically, "Ten years ago, you walked in, into Nina Gold's office as a 12-year-old and here we are now." Harington looks down at the floor and is seen smiling sadly as Weiss adds, "And your watch has ended and it has been a hell of a watch." The two share a hug after the speech and Harington, red-faced and crying, nods in agreement. 

Kit Harington on his last day on 'Game of Thrones' (HBO)

"I feel like my heart is breaking. I love this show, more than anything, I think. It's never been a job for me, it's been my life. And this will always be the greatest thing I will ever do or be a part of," Harington replies, breaking down in between. 

As for Clarke, she had a hard time saying goodbye to the famous Dany wig. "Is there any part of you that's relieved (now that it's over)?", she asks her hair artist in the trailer before mulling over the fact that it was the last time she would ever put on the iconic mother of dragons look. "It's definitely an exhale. It is kind of exciting to think, who am I without this," she says. Her hair artist, just as sad, combs her wig and says, "This hair doesn't have much life in it," as Clarke chips in, "neither has the head underneath it." Clarke is making a reference about suffering two very serious brain aneurysms while filming was on. 


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