The Last Summer's Foster is a 'douchebag', but Wolfgang Novogratz hopes people understand him

The Last Summer's Foster is a 'douchebag', but Wolfgang Novogratz hopes people understand him

Netflix is all set to drop 'The Last Summer', its next romantic comedy from its 'Summer of Love' series, on May 3.

The film revolves around a group of attractive young adults figuring out their lives, goals, identities, and love in their final summer vacation before going off to college. The breezy romantic comedy stars KJ Apa, Maia Mitchell, Wolfgang Novogratz, Tyler Posey, Halston Sage, and Jacob Latimore.

Wolfgang Novogratz, in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, said that his character Foster in the film was written based on characters like 'American Pie's Steve Stifler. "A prototypical douchebag, for a lack of a better term," he laughed.


Novogratz said that the character also reminded him of many guys he personally knew, who are desperate to get attention from women. He added that Foster's backstory explains his behavior; he used to be overweight and insecure before he lost weight, trying to "reinvent himself for the summer."

Looks like the build for this summer in the film is real! The trailer also teased it as the last summer of the characters' lives, "one last chance to go all in".

Jacob Latimore and Novogratz's characters are best friends on the film, and Novogratz said that he and Latimore got along effortlessly when they met, and that shows on screen.

When asked if Foster's character is a villain in the film, Novogratz said that he hopes that, even if the audience doesn't like Foster, they "understand him."

He added that although the character does do some "not very good things" in the film, he learns his lesson at the end of the day. Novogratz has been roped in for two upcoming films: 'Hush, Hush' and Netflix's 'The Half of It'.


'The Last Summer' is directed by William Bindley, who has written the screenplay along with Scott Bindley. With fan-favorites coming together, this ideal recipe-for-romance flick has already created quite a buzz on social media.

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