'The Last Narc' Episode 1: How 'dirty cops' from CIA's DFS played a role in Kiki Camerena's brutal murder

'The Last Narc' Episode 1:  How 'dirty cops' from CIA's DFS played a role in Kiki Camerena's brutal murder

It has been 35 years since the abduction and brutal murder of Kiki Camerena, the DEA Agent. While it was the subject of the popular television show 'Narcos', the storyline was dramatized for effect and changed. Now Amazon Prime Video's 'The Last Narc' is a retelling and incisive story of Camarena's life and the drug cartel he infiltrated.

Prime's four-part docuseries, directed by Tiller Russell, examines the work done by Kiki and his horrifying murder. Featuring interviews with government and cartel insiders, the series sets the stage for the conspiracy. In the show, we get to see interviews by Hector Berrellez, Geneva Camarena, Jorge Godoy, Phil Jordan, Ramón Lira, René Lopez, Manny Madrano, Consuelo 'Chatita' Berrellez, Jaime Kuykendall, Mike Holm and Jim White.


On the day of his killing, Kiki was supposed to meet his wife, Mika Camarena, for lunch. However, he was abducted, tortured for 30 hours at the hands of the drug lords and his skull was punctured by a metal object and his ribs were broken, after which he was killed. His body was found a month later, wrapped in plastic and dumped outside the small town of La Angostura, in the state of Michoacán.


The Mexican Drug Lords had help and they don't do anything without help from the Mexican Government, as revealed in the docuseries. Kiki was kidnapped by the DFS (Direccion Federal De Seguridad). Ironically, the DFS was the secret Mexican police force, created by the CIA. However, by the mid-1980s, many of these agents began to work for the Guadalajara cartel. In the docuseries, Madrano reveals, "DFS was very selective in its recruitment. The crème de la crème got into the organization. But once you were issued a credential, you could get in anywhere and everywhere. It was a powerful tool. Several bad guys had the credential and especially two of the guys who ran the Mexican drug cartel, Ernesto Fonseca Carillo and Rafael Caro Quintero. There was no line of distinction anymore between the bad guys and the DFS."


Drug lords Ernesto Fonseca Carillo and Rafael Caro Quintero were instrumental in the murder of Kiki. 

DEA Intelligence director Jordan revealed that they were constantly under surveillance by the DFS. He had pointed this out to the Kiki, who told him not to worry and that they worked for the CIA. 

'The Last Narc' is streaming on Amazon Prime. 


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