'The L Word: Generation Q' finale drops a Jose bomb, but his underdeveloped love story with Micah is a letdown

'The L Word: Generation Q' finale drops a Jose bomb, but his underdeveloped love story with Micah is a letdown
Freddy Miyarez as Jose Garcia and Leo Sheng as Micah Lee (Erica Parise/ Showtime)

This story contains major spoilers for the season finale of 'The L Word: Generation Q' titled 'Lapse in Judgement' 

We must admit: we cried. In fact, we cried a lot by the end of the finale episode. The show ended on a cliffhanger just as all major characters of the season had hit a critical point in their lives. And now it is a long wait till Season 2

But we have some really mixed feelings about the show's treatment of Micah Lee (Leo Sheng) and Jose Garcia's (Freddy Miyarez) relationship.

When the two met, their relationship began out of nowhere. It also looked like Micah was more invested in Jose than the other way around. Jose even ditched Micah suddenly at one of their dinner plans forcing him to spiral into a one night stand. 

He then later made amends apologizing to him. Jose was even there with Micah, supportive and caring when his mother was in town and Micah was having a hard time to get her to come to terms with the fact that she no longer had a daughter but has a son.


It is very difficult to make anything out of this hot-and-cold relationship. Plus it didn't help that the show barely gave Micah and Jose any screen space.

Their story together is highly underdeveloped from the entire season, added to episodes almost as an afterthought. And then, suddenly, the finale springs a twist — Jose is married. 

The revelation comes suddenly as Micah and Jose had only just expressed their love for each other. "Love is a Battlefield. Who knew Jose was keepin' such secrets," said a fan.

Freddy Miyares as Jose and Leo Sheng as Micah Lee in 'THE L WORD: GENERATION Q', 'Lapse In Judgement' (Erica Parise/SHOWTIME.)


Since the show barely gave their relationship any time, some fans having a hard time caring at all. "Okay so Jose is married and I have literally never cared less about anything in my life," said a fan. 

Their underdeveloped storyline is to be blamed for fans' feeling frustrated about Micah's character arc. Had we spent more time getting to know him, things would have been different. 

"Everybody has been saying for weeks Micah/Leo’s acting isn’t great and I’ve wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but, yeah. At a minimum, he doesn't have the presence to carry the severely underwritten scenes and character. His acting choices are either tantrum mode or melancholy mid-yawn mode," said a fan.

The fan added, "But seriously, the writing has been bad too. Would we know if these two loved each other if we weren’t told? And more importantly, zzzzzzzzz."


"I think I really could care if their relationship had been given more than 20 minutes of screen time over the whole season," pointed out another. "It may be the most half-assed, underdeveloped storyline I've ever seen on television," noted a viewer. 

The issue boils down to how the first season of 'The L Word: Generation Q' did not spend any time in exploring Micah's character.

"I’ve been able to half make sense of other bad decisions the show has made but Micah makes zero sense to me at all. So boring so random and he doesn't even interact with any other characters," complained a viewer. 

And even as some fans theorize the nature of Jose's marriage, they still nurse the same issues of the show's treatment.


"My girlfriend reckons Jose's marriage might be a green card marriage? For him or the other one and that's what the 'it's not what you think!' is about, but that said I just can't begin to care about Micah and Jose. Their relationship is weird, has no chemistry, and they're both so boring."

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