'The L Word: Generation Q': Nat and Alice try figuring out co-parenting with Gigi

'The L Word: Generation Q': Nat and Alice try figuring out co-parenting with Gigi

Spoilers for season 1 episode 2 of 'The L Word: Generation Q' titled 'Less is More'

We met Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) for the first time in a decade in the pilot episode of 'The L Word: Generation Q' last Sunday. She now has a brand new talk show called 'Alice' that is, we are informed, a very popular show in the LGBTQIA community. But that is not the only big change in her life.

Alice is now in a stable relationship with Stephanie Allynne's Natalie. Together for two years now, Alice and Natalie are raising Natalie's two children from an earlier marriage with Sepideh Moafi's Gigi along with Gigi herself, who could be quite meddling, as we found out in the first episode.

We also found out that there are irreconcilable differences between Natalie and Gigi, which leads to them having issues with co-parenting. Alice, who prefers to not be out of line, walks on eggshells around Gigi, being fully aware that she is the real mother. This adds to the tension between Gigi and Natalie, who believes that her ex-wife is interfering in their affairs now.


So in the last episode after stepping away from mummy duty, Alice is summoned right in the middle of an important meeting in episode 2. Natalie's son Eli (Julian Edwards) is sick to his stomach and the school calls Alice to pick him up. With Shane's (Katherine Moennig) help, Alice gets him home and manages to put him to sleep.

Later in the night, Alice and Natalie have a little disagreement about the children. Natalie has her doubts about Alice's participation in the parenting - while she knows that Alice wants to be involved, she also knows that she isn't fully equipped to do so. But Alice is having none of it. "You can't call Gigi every time you think I can't handle some things," Alice tells her.

When Stephanie Allynne spoke to us at MEA WorldWide exclusively, she elaborated on the relationship between Alice and Natalie. "Nat and Alice are mirrors of each other. At their core, they are very similar, however, they have very different life circumstances. They are both open, secure, and authentically honest people so it's compelling to see them navigate co-parenting, exes, and career, among other things," she had said.


Despite the differences between Natalie and Gigi and the turbulence between Gigi and Alice, the two are trying their best to be good parents; and that is commendable.

'The L Word: Generation Q' airs on Sundays at 10/ 9c on Showtime.

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