'The L Word: Generation Q' Episode 7 shows TiBette break up and heartbroken fans are on Bette's side

'The L Word: Generation Q' Episode 7 shows TiBette break up and heartbroken fans are on Bette's side
(L-R) Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter (Hilary B Gayle/SHOWTIME)

This story contains major spoilers for 'The L Word: Generation Q' Episode 7 titled 'Lose It All'. 

When Tina Kennard (played by Laurel Holloman) asked Bette Porter (played by Jennifer Beals) for dinner — "just the two of us" — we thought it was going to be a night of reconciliation. What we did not expect was Tina to drop a bomb. 

So Bette invites her home and suggests that she cook dinner complete with wine. In the evening, Tina tells Bette that she has decided to move to Los Angeles. There is an ecstatic look on her face and just then, Tina says that Carrie has proposed to her and that they're looking for properties. 

The following scene is heartbreaking as Bette comes to realize the sudden news broken to her. She might have told Tina that she is happy for her, but Bette literally disintegrated in front of Tina and it was heart-wrenching to watch. Alternating in between the dinner table and the kitchen, Bette tried to gain control of her emotions but it wasn't something she could just escape.


"When Tina told Bette about Carrie I literally saw her heart shatter and it crushed my soul. When Bette told Dani she wasn't gonna back down she totally got turned on by her Bette-ness whether she knows it or not," said a fan.

Fans do not appreciate this at all — especially counting the number of times that Tina has broken Bette's heart. "She should have that face... this is what? The 4th time she breaks Bette... I know Bette cheated but Tina did a lot of messy things to and had lots of space since the 3rd season of the old 'The L Word' (sic)," said a fan. 

(L-R) Jennifer Beals as Bette Porter and Laurel Holloman as Tina Kennard (Hilary B Gayle/SHOWTIME)


This has many TiBette fans disappointed with one writing, "Didn't Tina already take the time to find herself between seasons 2 and 5-6 of the og L Word?? Come on, after all that, she leaves bette again? Like, nah. No thanks. #tibette or bust."

At the same time, despite Tina's marriage plans, some fans believe that the couple will bounce back and get back together.

"So Tina telling Bette that she's getting married to a woman she left Bette for was painful and heartbreaking to watch. I’m not worried though... it's TiBette... they’ll get back together especially since Tina and Carrie (she finally has a name) are going to living in LA during her show’s offseason and we all know what happens when they are in the same vicinity as each other... Carrie will be toast and in the meantime, I’m now totally on board with a devastated/healing hook up/fling with Dani and Bette."


Fans have applauded Jennifer Beals' acting in this episode. Particularly noting the immediate reactions that Bette had when Tina broke the news during dinner. She gulped down a glass of red wine and then opened up a white. Her devastation is evident. "I did I interpreted it as a symptom of coming completely undone and losing ability to think but trying her damnedest to fake it (sic)," noted a fan. 

But this also has us thinking. If Tina has decided to stay here in Los Angeles, will we get to see more of her? Will we get to see her spend more (complicated) time with Bette? We cannot wait for the series finale next week. There is no doubt the show will pack a twist.

'The L Word: Generation Q' airs on Sundays at 10/ 9c on Showtime.


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