'The King of Staten Island' Preview: Pete Davidson as Scott is on a wacky journey of self-discovery

'The King of Staten Island', directed by Judd Apatow, sees Pete Davidson star in the lead role as Scott, a 24-year-old man who is faced with a question that haunts many millennials

                            'The King of Staten Island' Preview: Pete Davidson as Scott is on a wacky journey of self-discovery
Pete Davidson as Scott (Universal Pictures)

'The King of Staten Island' starring 'Saturday Night Live' breakout star Pete Davidson, Maude Apatow, and Marisa Tomei in lead roles is set to release as VOD on June 12. The film directed by Judd Apatow who is famously known for playing a huge role in Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Amy Schumer and Kumail Nanjiani's careers with his work is now bringing forth a story about love and loss through the upcoming movie. 

The film is a story about a 24-year-old man, Scott, who continues to live with his mother and has no concrete plans for his future. When faced with an ambitious sister (Maude Apatow) who is moving forward in life by going to college after graduating, Scott has to figure out what he wants and find a way to lead a life without depending on others. He has had arrested development ever since his father died when he was seven. Their father was a firefighter who lost his life while working and this might have triggered the condition in Scott. 

Scott with his friends Oscar, Igor and Richie in 'The King of Staten Island'. (Universal Pictures)

At present, Scott's dream is to become a tattoo artist, but with his condition and his struggles with emotional conflict how will Scott find a path that would lead to his future? The question that haunts Scott is something that all millennials battle with today and that is about self-discovery, self-acceptance and love. 

Then he has his friends Oscar (Ricky Velez), Igor (Moises Arias), and Richie (Lou Wilson), who he hangs out with all the time. In the trailer of the movie, a scene shows how much his friends make a joke out of the fact that his father is not alive, and yet, he is seen laughing out loud with them as if the joke doesn't offend him. Then, we see Igor give Scott a hug and we realize Scott doesn't really express what he feels. However, whatever he does, as a result, is way out of the box and wacky. 


The trailer also features how Pete Davidson as Scott reacts (not well) to the news of his mother beginning to date someone and then we go on to see how he hears from his mother that he needs to pull his weight around the house now. She suggests that he take Ray's kids to school and this could very well be the beginning of a new friendship between Scott and the little girl. We see Scott tell her that she is the only one to treat him like a person while everyone else has managed to show how they are disappointed in him. She says, "You're welcome" and if the film has even a little bit of the warmth that is shared at this moment, then it would be a lovely movie depicting the journey of self-discovery. 

There is also an indication that Scott might take his father's footsteps and become a fireman himself. The first time his mother's boyfriend suggests the idea, he almost bites his head off. However, then he sees his father's suit, he visits the fire station and from the looks of the trailer, he is also having a great time with Ray's friends.

The trailer also teased how rocky his secret relationship with childhood friend Kelsey (Bel Powley) is turning out to be. She just raged at him for making everyone who comes in contact with him crazy and that is quite harsh. Does Scott deserve this? We will have to watch out for how Scott lives through all the new changes in his life in the film. 

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