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'The King: Eternal Monarch' Episode 11 Review: Lee Gon saves his queen Tae-eul from Lee Lim's clutches

Lee Gon might have been unaware that Lee Lim kidnapped Tae-eul, but 'The King: Eternal Monarch' shows the detective put up a tough fight in her attempt to escape

'The King: Eternal Monarch' Episode 11 was a stunning showcase of how two strong characters would support each other in love. Lee Gon is dealing with the consequences of the death of his uncle, Prince Buyeong who was originally the next in line to take over the throne of the Kingdom of Corea in case something unfortunate were to happen to Lee Gon. He has to name the next in line, and it cannot be Prince Buyeong's son who is known to be a greedy man with his eye on King Lee Gon's riches. While he deals with this, he also has to investigate the real reason why the Prince died. 

All of this while he is unable to meet his lover from the other world, Detective Jang Tae-eul. Tae-eul is also struggling to deal with Lee Gon's parting words the last time he had visited. He had confessed that he is in love with her, but it sounded heartbreaking and sad instead of sounding like a happy confession. This while she is investigating the death of citizens of the Republic of Korea which somehow seems to involve Lee Lim. Now that Tae-eul has learned that Kang Shin-jae was also brought over to this world when he was just a child, a lot has been running in her mind. 

A still of Lee Gon grieving Prince Byeong's death in 'The King: Eternal Monarch' episode 11. (SBS)

This why she decides to vent out her frustration by working out at her father's martial arts center. While this happens, Luna has been contacted by Lee Lim who promises her that if she were to become his ally, then she can lead a life that was never intended to be hers. A loving father, a life abundant with friends and love and health. All of which Luna doesn't have in her life at the moment. Initially, she is wary of Lee Lim and even understands that his intentions are not pure, however, having lived a harsh life in Lee Gon's world. Luna has nothing to lose either so decides to become his ally. 

The first step is for Luna to transform into Tae-eul, which she manages with flying colors after stalking Tae-eul. Then Lee Lim's men successfully plan and kidnap Tae-eul from the martial arts center by drugging her and dragging her to the other world. When Tae-eul comes to, she tries to discern who has drugged her, and shockingly enough, she meets the little boy who usually waits outside the bookstore in Busan and is a friend of Luna. There is something strange about this child who has seen Lee Lim, and his face burns up like Lee Gon's shoulder as well. 

A still of Tae-eul before she is kidnapped in 'The King: Eternal Monarch' episode 11. (SBS)

He is also not shocked by the fact that Luna and Tae-eul are two different people. In fact, if not for him, Tae-eul might not have managed to escape from the thugs working for Lee Lim. He hands over the knife that Luna had given him and unties her even. Tae-eul is a considerably strong woman used to catching thugs, murderers and other kinds of people considered the scum of earth on a daily basis. So with just a little help, she manages to beat up the men, shoot a few of them and stab others in order to escape. From there, she makes her way to the highway, and after a while on her getaway car, she realizes that she is no longer in her world but in Lee Gon's. 

She drives towards the Busan Palace, but she is followed by Lee Lim's men who no longer care if they capture her alive or dead. Her car also runs out of gas and it is here that she calls Lee Gon from a payphone as she did in the past. She reveals over the call that she was abducted and brought over to his world and tells him that she is trying to make her way to the palace. Her voice shivers and she is in tears as she tries not to lose it before she can meet Lee Gon. A truck tries to run over her, and then tens of men run over towards her while all she is armed with is a revolver with two bullets. 

Lee Gon while he attempts to save Tae-eul in 'The King: Eternal Monarch' episode 11. (SBS)

Just when she is about to give up, considering there is no way out of imminent death now she hears choppers and patrol cars traveling towards her. It is as if an entire cavalry was awaiting her and have come to her rescue. That is when we see Lee Gon, riding on Maximus, tell his men that the woman has to be saved because she is their future queen. All that Tae-eul can do is to be relieved that today is after all not the day to die. 

Now that Lee Gon has a fair idea of what Lee Lim has planned, will he be able to thwart his plans? With just three weeks left and the show being labeled as "a sad love story" by its cast in interviews, we wonder if Tae-eul and Lee Gon will have a happy ending or not.