'The King: Eternal Monarch' Episode 11 promo sees Tae-eul enter Lee Gon's world without him but she’s bloodied

'The King: Eternal Monarch' Episode 11 promo revealed Tae-eul in Lee Gon's world, in tears surrounded by blood and destruction

                            'The King: Eternal Monarch' Episode 11 promo sees Tae-eul enter Lee Gon's world without him but she’s bloodied
Kim Go-eun and Lee Min-ho (SBS)

'The King: Eternal Monarch' Episode 11 promo sees how Tae-eul (Kin Go-eun) enters Lee Gon's world and she looks desolate. How did she manage to enter the Kingdom of Corea without the help of Lee Gon's (Lee Min-ho) part of the flute and why is there blood everywhere around her, are questions that we would have to find the answers to in the episode when it airs. In the previous episode, we had seen Lee Gon disappear right in front of her. 

It was as if he had finally understood something that Lee Lim had managed to keep hidden and this had resulted in Lee Gon visiting Tae-eul one last time to tell her that he has fallen irrevocably in love. This had left Tae-eul heartbroken as she had realized that there was something wrong with Lee Gon. This could also be the reason why Tae-eul had tried to find a way to travel to Lee Gon's world without his help. Otherwise, it doesn't explain why Tae-eul would be left alone.

She tries to call the palace just like the last time to leave a message for Lee Gon, but this time around, his world seems to be struggling with some kind of violence and war considering the blood that we see in Tae-eul's hands. The promo is short, and we see Tae-eul sobbing her heart out over the call. She says, "Lee Gon, it's me. I have come to your world now and I will try to reach you as soon as possible. Can you please look for me?" Considering he was able to find her the last time around, Tae-eul is probably hoping for something similar. 


However, what is intriguing is why does she have a revolver and who did she kill? Also, where is Jo Yeong (Woo Do-hwan)? He was left behind in Tae-eul's world by Lee Gon to investigate Lee Lim. Did Tae-eul not consult Jo Yeong about coming over to Corea? There is a lot of information about the upcoming episode that has been kept under wraps including the fact about how Lee Gon will manage the unrest within his country after Prince Buyeong's death. Does Tae-eul's crossing over also play a part in this?

Finally, is this how Lee Gon was able to see Tae-eul in front of a bookstore in 2022. In the previous episode, when he was watching Tae-eul's movements on CCTV surveillance, one of the videos' time stamp read 2022, May, and Lee Gon had assumed that it was an error. However, what if it wasn't? What if Tae-eul has really entered his world to stay back? Considering Luna is suffering from a terminal illness, it can't be Tae-eul's alter ego. With so much mystery around Lee Gon's disappearance, we can't wait to see what happens next in the show. 

'The King: Eternal Monarch' is originally aired in South Korea on SBS at 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The show can be streamed on Netflix in the US. 

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