'The InBetween' actor Sarah Abbott promises to keep you on the 'edge of your seat' on NBC's upcoming supernatural thriller

'The InBetween' actor Sarah Abbott promises to keep you on the 'edge of your seat' on NBC's upcoming supernatural thriller

'The InBetween' has some pretty bland characters in the show including the lead Harriet Dyer, who plays Cassie Bishop. The mysterious blonde sees ghosts and spirits in need of help and gets to help detectives with the information she gets, as we reviewed earlier. As interesting as it may sound, it is not exactly as thrilling, but the chilling element in this supernatural drama comes in the form a little blonde girl, Abigail Coleman, played by child actor Sarah Abbott, who was recently seen on Netflix's 'The Silence'.

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Sarah talked about her "complex" character on the show. The first introduction to 'The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe' star on the NBC thriller is nothing but smiles and sunshine. Strikingly blonde as Cassie, Abigail seems like Cassie's sister. However, it is only when she performs psychokinesis that we question what's going on. As seen in the trailer, we see the little girl pass through the cynical detective, Damien Asante, played by Justin Cornwell, understanding that she is not an ordinary being in the supernatural show. She is, in fact, a spirit herself.

Sarah Abbott was recently seen on Netflix's 'The Silence' (Photo courtesy: Lilly K)

Watching the pilot of the show, we're introduced to many characters starting from the lead. While all remain stagnant, it is only Abigail who spreads into a three-dimensional character. The lead's power to communicate with the spirits confines her to a sole role, and what we are expecting out of Cassie is delivered by Abigail. Detectives remain detectives, a clairvoyant remains a clairvoyant, and spirits remain spirits, but Abigail renders the complexities the show needs to stand out from its predecessors including 'Ghost Whisperer' and 'The Sixth Sense'.

If 'The InBetween' does not sound like your cup of tea, maybe it isn't, but if it is, then rely on Abigail to keep you hooked to the show. In the interview, Sarah did not want to say much about her character since the show hasn't aired yet, but shares that her character had a tough life and isn't afraid to stand up for herself.


The story of Abigail is perhaps the only substantial hook to the plot, to keep you on "the edge of your seat", as Sarah says. Midway through the pilot, you will question the nature of her spirit, and that is perhaps, more intriguing than the murder mysteries there to solve. A little ghost questioning why her life ended and why her family members were the villains will break your heart a little and spur a hope that even ghosts deserve a happy ending.

'The InBetween' premieres on May 29 at 10/9c only on NBC.

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