NBC's 'The InBetween' is what we would get if 'Ghost Whisperer's Melinda Gordon teamed up with detectives to solve crimes

NBC's 'The InBetween' is what we would get if 'Ghost Whisperer's Melinda Gordon teamed up with detectives to solve crimes

It's not déjà vu. The trailer of NBC's upcoming drama 'The InBetween' is actually quite familiar.

The upcoming supernatural series features a woman who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. She calls it a gift and a curse, but she is not Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt), her name is Cassie Bedford, played by Harriet Dyer. 

Reminiscent of the early 2000s hit series 'Ghost Whisperer,' we see Cassie spot ghosts and spirits randomly on the streets, or in the corridors, and even at home. Some of the spirits look like normal humans until the walk past objects such as cars and even other humans. Some, on the other hand, are straight out of scary movies featuring gory faces and hollow eyes.

However, a crucial difference lies in the fact that Cassie is using her psychic abilities to solve crimes and unhesitatingly teams up with two detectives. 

It's a wish fulfilled for anyone who ever questioned what would happen if Melinda Gordon helped to solve murder mysteries or if Haley Joel Osment from 'The Sixth Sense' did the same.

Talking to the dead would of course give an upper hand to those trying to solve crimes and murder mysteries but, here's the catch, some ghosts don't remember and others don't give the answer you're looking for. At least, that's what the 1 minute 52 seconds trailer tells us.


'The InBetween' trailer which released on April 24 opens with a woman frantically crying out for help in a bustling street, and Cassie seems to be the only one to hear her cries. When a car comes to hit her, Cassie almost screams, only to see the vehicle pass right through her. By the end of the trailer, Cassie has solved crimes, helped spirits get through to the other side,  met evil ones, but now, she is the one who gets caught in between. 

"The in between is stronger and bigger than any ocean," a man's spirit tells Cassie. "If you're gonna do this, you better be all in," he adds, before a deadly white ghost chases her. Another spirit we meet is a child spirit who gives Cassie crucial information on "Peter Rabbit" and we also hear her screech "Cassie" at the end of the trailer.

Sarah Abbott, who recently appeared in 'The Silence' alongside Kiernan Shipka, features in 'The InBetween' and she exclusively tells MEA WorldWide that her character is "complex" and that the show will "keep you on the edge of your seat."

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