The Hustler's Craig Ferguson finds love with Megan Cunningham after rocky past

'The Hustler' host Craig Ferguson struggled with addiction and his earlier two marriages before finding love with his third wife Megan Cunningham

                            The Hustler's Craig Ferguson finds love with Megan Cunningham after rocky past
Craig Ferguson with his third wife Megan Wallace Cunningham (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Humour can always help with hustling and it can certainly help with winning over hearts as well, as the host of ABC's mindbending game show 'The Hustler', Craig Ferguson, can attest to. Ferguson, who has been a popular face on American television for decades now, can certainly attest to the power of humor when it comes to winning over the ladies. But just winning them over is half the battle, as the comedian has found out. Ferguson may have had no problem finding love, but keeping it has been a whole different story for the comedian. 

Ferguson has had plenty of challenges on the road to fame. He even struggled with addiction and mental health, leading him at one point to the brink of suicide. Unfortunately, he also found it hard to maintain a stable romantic relationship. The actor and former host of 'The Late Late Show', which was taken over by James Corden in 2014, has been married three times and has reportedly dated a number of Hollywood leading ladies including Sharon Stone. So who have been the ladies in Ferguson's life and has he finally found his happily ever after?


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Craig Ferguson briefly dated actor Sharon Stone (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Ferguson's first marriage lasted for just three years and was well before he became a star. Ferguson married his first wife Anne Hogarth in 1983, but the couple filed for divorce in 1986. It is perhaps not surprising that the marriage was not a success, considering that Ferguson in his memoir has shared that in the 1980s and '90s, he was struggling to keep up any semblance of a normal life. He was not only struggling to find work but also abusing drugs including acid. 

By the late nineties, however, it seems that Ferguson was keen to try his hand at marriage and a more stable lifestyle again. In 1998, the actor tied the knot with Sascha Corwin who comes from an influential American family and has quite the artistic flair. Ferguson's second marriage also ushered in fatherhood for him and the couple had a son Milo. However, the couple decided to part ways after six years of marriage. Their son Milo seems to have inherited both his parents' artistic sensibilities and is now in college pursuing his degree at the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York.

The question is now whether the third time is a charm for Ferguson who married third wife Megan Wallace Cunningham in an extremely private ceremony in 2008. It certainly seems so, since the couple seems to be still going strong. The third marriage also brought fatherhood into Ferguson's life for a second time, when the couple welcomed their son Liam in 2011. Ferguson, his wife and his son moved to Glasgow in 2019 where his son is currently enrolled in school and his Vermont-born wife is also adjusting to Scottish life.

You can catch Season 2 of 'The Hustler' on June 17 on ABC at 10pm.