'The Hustle' trailer sees Anne Hathaway pay homage to 'Avengers: Endgame' as she co-stars with Rebel Wilson

'The Hustle' trailer sees Anne Hathaway pay homage to 'Avengers: Endgame' as she co-stars with Rebel Wilson

Anne Hathaway might have received permission to use the name "The Revengers" for the latest trailer of her upcoming movie, 'The Hustle'. Coming from director Chris Addison and written by Jac Schaeffer, the movie stars Hathaway along with Rebel Wilson as they play two extremely distinct characters set to travel along the same road. The actress paid tribute to the 'Avengers: Endgame' this week as it is set to release April 26, through the second trailer of 'The Hustle'. 

In the trailer, we see the words 'The Revengers' in bold, taking central place in the frame, which reminds us of the voice over in the opening credits of the trailer to 'Avengers: Endgame'. Fans were quick to notice Hathway's mischievous tribute to the Marvel movie, as she claimed Mark Ruffalo (who plays Dr. Bruce Banner / Hulk) had given her permission.

While posting the trailer on Instagram, the actress wrote, "It’s okay, guys! @markruffalo said we could use the name 'The Revengers'! No, for real - he did. 𝘏𝘦 𝘥𝘪𝘥. Promise. You can trust us...". As a tribute to the Marvel movie, the second trailer begins with the 'Avengers' tone, as the opening credits say, "After centuries of injustice, who will take a stand?"


'The Hustle' is set to follow the story of two women who seek revenge on the men who had wronged them in their lives. The second trailer actually shows the two characters preparing themselves in every way to con the men, but in certain times they do stumble upon their own faults.

Claiming themselves not so nice women, the duo set out to take money from the "small-minded" men and in the course develop a strong friendship. It is certainly quite the vengeful plot most women want to see today. However, the movie had originally received an R-rating from the MPAA, but Wilson, who is also a producer on the project, fought hard for a PG-13 rating. 'The Hustle' comes out May 10 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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