'The House' Chapter II Ending Explained: Elderly couple takes over Developer's life

What happens when people overstay their welcome? 'The House' has a rather dark take on it

                            'The House' Chapter II Ending Explained: Elderly couple takes over Developer's life
Yvonne Lombard as Odd Woman, Sven Wolter as Odd Man, Jarvis Cocker as The Developer in 'The House' (Netflix)

Set across different eras, 'The House' is a dark animated anthology that tells the story of three tenants in the same home. However, there is undoubtedly more to this house than meets the eye, as it's dark origins often affects the owner in the most bizarre ways possible.

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Act II titled 'Then lost is truth that can't be won' is set in a different timeline from 'I: And heard within. A lie is spun', with anthropomorphic characters. Here, a contractor known as 'The Developer' desperately tries to remodel 'The House'. There is even a call back to Mabel's family, as the opening shot is that of an old, discarded sewing machine that Penny, Mabel's mother, used. While the contractor tries desperately to fix the home, he notices a fur bug infestation.

The contractor ignores the actual issues with superficial fixes made to the house. To add to the mounting pressure of his loans, he seems to be in contact with his partner, who doesn't quite care. However, the Developer pushes on, focusing on the house viewing as he is determined to find a seller to recover the loan he has taken out and help fix his relationship. While his house viewing seems to fail, with everything possible going wrong, he manages to gain the interest of an elderly couple, who insist they are interested in the house. However, they claim they want to see more of the house and soon begin squatting in the home.

Desperate to get them out, the Developer contacts the police, who show up to issue him a warning instead. It turns out, the Developer's 'partner' is his dentist, who he has been harassing with personal messages. In a last-ditch attempt to chase the couple out, he tries to gas them with bug spray but ends up falling and sustaining a head injury. When he comes to it, he is taken back to the house. The scene cuts ahead in the future, where the elderly couple is fur bugs, who have destroyed the home Whereas for the Developer, he reverts to his primal state -- that of a rat.

'The House' premieres on January 14th, 2022, on Netflix.

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