'The Haves And The Have Nots': Justin is 'crazy like a fox', say fans as he waits all night to see Jeffrey

Fans think that the Justin storyline has gone on for too long on HAHN and they now want it to come to an end, even if it is with him getting beaten up by his brothers

                            'The Haves And The Have Nots': Justin is 'crazy like a fox', say fans as he waits all night to see Jeffrey

Tuesday nights are all about Tyler Perry's 'The Haves And The Have Nots'. While Wyatt (Aaron O' Connell) runs wild and willingly walks into the Malone bar where things are not going to be pleasant for him, Jeffrey and Madison (Brock Yurich) have their own issues to deal with. For instance, we aren't anywhere close to the Justin-camping-outside-Jeffrey's-house ending anytime soon. He tries to ask Jeffrey to 'make love' to him again, and obviously, Jeffrey (Gavin Houston) slams the door on him. Nevertheless, this isn't the end of this storyline, because we see Justin getting roughed up by his brother.

Yet, fans are not feeling entirely sorry for him and just want this arc to be wrapped up as soon as possible because it has been several episodes already. "Are we kidding now with Justin cramping out waiting for Jeffrey? How long do we have to endure this boring story line? #HAHN," a fan tweeted.


Others just say that Justin is absolutely crazy, so doesn't deserve much sympathy. "I'm not fooled by the helpless act Justin is doing with his brother. Something tells me if the brother pushes too hard about Jeffrey, Justin will take him out and burn the body. #HAHN Sister Justin is crazy like a fox," one fan tweeted.


Another noted that both the brothers were lurking around Madison's apartment and that creepiness runs in the family. "So Tanner was there all night lurking at Justin who was lurking at Jeffrey/Madison? Guess creeping runs in the family...#HAHN," another wrote.


Some just hope that Justin gets the thrashing he deserves. "Good finally somebody whooping Justin annoying a**, cause I’m real sick of him now. #HAHN," a fan wrote.


Fans believe that Justin will be beaten to death by his brothers. "I think it’s being set up in the storyline that Justin will be beat to death by Tanner and the rest of his brothers. #HAHN," a fan tweeted.


So, which of these fan theories proves correct? Either way, hopefully the Justin saga wraps up but not with his murder though. Tune into 'The Haves And Have Nots' on OWN Network on Tuesdays at 8 pm. 

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