'The Haves And The Have Nots' Episode 16: Justin reveals he was 6 when he had sex, fans ask what 'sick s**t is this?'

In the latest episode of 'The Haves And The Have Nots', it was revealed that Justin was forced to have sex when he was six years old, which is really rape

                            'The Haves And The Have Nots' Episode 16: Justin reveals he was 6 when he had sex, fans ask what 'sick s**t is this?'

'The Have And Have Nots' keeps doling out shocking pieces of information that takes a little (maybe a lot) of time to process. Wyatt (Aaron O' Connell) isn't dead, as he seems to be some human form of a mutated cat that has 18 lives. He was shot at, but is still alive enough to get all the sass from Uncle Vinny. But that was just the beginning of the latest episode of 'The Have And Have Nots'.

As usual, so many things went down that fans had to literally rub their eyes to see what to make of it, including Madison's ex walking into his house casually, expecting some shower sex, while Jeffrey stood there in a towel and tried to figure out who he is. Meanwhile, Veronica (Angela Robinson) is still trying to pull the moves on a pool boy, who doesn't seem so loyal to his wife anymore. And then there's the most disturbing piece of news: We got to see a scene between Justin and his brother Tanner, where it was revealed that Tanner forced him to have sex at the age of 6 with a girl who was 15 years old. Uh what's the term for this.... oh right, it's rape.

Like us, the fans are rather sickened by this and have a lot to say. "Tanner is the root of Justin trauma since his 6 years old. #HAHN," a fan tweeted.


"Justin was 6 when he slept with a girl. What type of sick s**t is this? #HAHN," another wrote.


 Fans are feeling rather sorry for Justin. "Justin is pathetic. There was a time when I couldn't stand http://him.Now I feel sorry for him. He's pitiful #hahn," another wrote.


"That’s why Justin switched to men hell he was traumatized as a kid cuz his damn brother let him get raped by a woman at 6 #HAHN," a fan tweeted.


"Now What the hell is going on with Justin and his brother? Like this is SICK . Now Tyler, once again, we need to talk #HAHN," another wrote.


"Justin, Your brother Tanner is a psycho. Call the cops. @Nickjames13," one wrote.


'The Have And Have Nots' airs on OWN Network on Tuesdays at 8 pm. 

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