Louis Tomlinson’s fans trolled for singing his songs at Harry Styles-themed competition: 'It's not funny'

Things took a different turn when a few participants decided to pick Louis’ songs during the online singing competition dedicated to Harry Styles

                            Louis Tomlinson’s fans trolled for singing his songs at Harry Styles-themed competition: 'It's not funny'
Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson (Getty Images)

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson both enjoy a tremendous fan following, and whenever Harry Styles is discussed on the Internet, somehow Louis’ name always pops up. The same happened when an online singing competition called ‘The Harry Factor’ saw participants singing Louis Lomlinson songs despite being given clear instructions of sticking to Harry Styles’ songs.

The online singing competition saw many people showing off their singing skills with Harry’s songs but soon things took a different turn when a few of them decided to belt out Louis’ songs. A lot of social media users then trolled the latter’s fans reminding them that the competition was dedicated to Harry Styles and not Louis Tomlinson.
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What is ‘The Harry Factor’?

‘The Harry Factor’ is an online singing competition organised by The Space Factor. They first announced the Harry Styles-themed singing competition on April 27, “Calling all Harries! Tune into a special Harry Styles-themed episode of The Space Factor this Saturday, May 1st. #TheHarryFactor.”

The Space Factor drops new episodes every Wednesday and Saturday. To reiterate, the latest episode was dedicated entirely to Harry Styles’ songs but Louis’ fans decided to take over, which ultimately led to chaos on Twitter.

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson first met during the ‘The X-Factor’ audition in 2010 and their friendship has always been one of the favourite topics of discussion for their fans despite their boy band One Direction splitting in 2015. 

Rumours of them being in a committed relationship has been widely discussed over the years with the infamous hashtag "#Larries”. In December 2020, #LarriesAreOverParty was trending on Twitter. At the time of writing this report, close to 10,000 people were tweeting under the hashtag. And there was a great deal of bile directed towards the “Larries”. “Larries” are One Direction fans who believe that former band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are a real-life couple. They believe that the two are in a serious, committed, and long term relationship. They also believe that the relationship was covered up by One Direction manager, Simon Cowell. Fans who “ship” them together are also often referred to as Larry Stylinson shippers.



'Stop with Louis’ songs it's not funny’

Defending their favourite, Harry Styles fans stormed Twitter to troll Louis Tomlinson’s fans. Speaking on the same lines, one user stated, “We don’t wanna hear louis we wanna hear harry #TheHarryFactor.” Another said, “STOP WITH LOUIS SONGS ITS NOT FUNNY.” One individual shared, “Singing horribly just like louis no one is surprised.”

The next one posted, “NOT LOUIS AUDITION BYE IM PEEING #TheHarryFactor.” One person decided to make things pretty clear and tweeted, “IT’S CALLED THE HARRY FACTOR NOT THE LOUIS FACTOR. STOP ASSOCIATING EVERYTHING THAT INVOLVES HARRY WITH #THAT MAN. #TheHarryFactor.” Another added a sarcastic tweet and said, “Someone didn't perform because they would perform a louis song #TheHarryFactor.”  One user posted, “This is the HARRY factor, not louis factor. what’s wrong w y’all #TheHarryFactor.” One concluded, “Y’all are so boring live a little let louis sing it’s funny to butcher some people #TheHarryFactor.”

















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