'The Greatest #StayAtHome Videos': John Legend plays piano solo for fan, tearful viewers say he's the kindest

He dedicated the song to a fan, Bill, and his wife Judy who is in the hospital

                            'The Greatest #StayAtHome Videos': John Legend plays piano solo for fan, tearful viewers say he's the kindest
John Legend (CBS)

At a time when everyone is trapped in their homes and swamped with news of death and loss, CBS has put together a special show — 'The Greatest #StayAtHome Videos' — that is nothing short of a whiff of fresh air.

It was a one-hour special that aired funny, off-beat, inspirational and heartwarming videos that have gone viral over the last few weeks. It showed how creative content creators have gotten and also acted as a reminder that the internet is a strange place where anything gets picked up.

Cedric The Entertainer was on hosting duties and like always, managed quite a few laughs with his antics. The viewers were thoroughly entertained and they didn't hold back expressing their thoughts on the show on social media. 

However, there were some who thought he could have kept quiet during the videos. "#StayAtHomeVideos I’m sorry but I wish Cedric world be quiet during the videos. I really do like him but he’s taking over the videos. Just sayin," a fan commented. 

The special was a mish-mash of homemade videos of which John Legend's piano solo was appreciated the most. He performed a new song — 'Conversations in the dark' — and dedicated to a fan, Bill, and his wife, Judy, who is being treated at one of Philadelphia's hospitals. 

"I thought it would be the perfect song to play for you and Judy so that you would have something to virtually dance to again," John told Bill during the video call and added that he has a lot of love for the city and that since he went to college there, there's always a special place in his heart. The Grammy Award-winner also mentioned that the next time he's performing in the city, he'd love for Bill and Judy to come and see it. 

This prompted a flurry of positive responses and most couldn't stop writing about how emotional and thoughtful John's gesture was. "@johnlegend Philly loves you right back!! Thanks for giving us love!! And that piano solo whew!!#StayAtHomeVideos," a fan commented, while another shared: "Oh man. #JohnLegend brought tears with his new song. That was beautiful. #StayAtHomeVideos." 

"John Legend must be the kindest human #StayAtHomeVideos," a user tweeted. "That @johnlegend moment got me. So sweet and wishing well to Bill and Judy!! #StayAtHomeVideos," she added. 

Here's the link to the song.

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