The Good Place will be back this autumn with a filthier season 3

The Good Place will be back this autumn with a filthier season 3
(L-R) Drew Goddard, Manny Jacinto, Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, Michael Schur, D'Arcy Carden, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil and Marc Evan Jackson (Source: Getty Images)

Season three of the fantasy comedy series 'The Good Place' is premiering this autumn, and the cast members say that the show is "filthier" than ever. 

Recently almost all the actors playing the members of this makeshift family including Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, D'Arcy Carden, William Jackson Harper, Manny Jacinto and Jameela Jamil gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times, where they revealed a few details about the new season.

A glimpse of the upcoming season was first revealed by Kristen Bell, who plays Eleanor on the show,  "...metaphorically, this next season is about how you can play chess with people who don't know you're playing with them and doing so in a way that doesn't affect the greater universe."

That may be too much to fathom but she further went on to explain the metaphor. "Because our characters don't know there's a greater mission. We're meandering on Earth. What I loved about that whole last episode from season two was that it summed up everyone's yearly existence from January 1 to March 1."


Which of course means things never end the way they start. "You make resolutions. You're going to be a better person. You're going to work out more. You're going to eat broccoli. And by March, none of that is happening. You saw it with Eleanor. She vows to change, and then she gets bored," Bell adds.

She also hinted there will be reunions and the members will bring a united front. "So now we are all left on Earth separately. And what we learned from the first two seasons is that our strengths come when we're together.

Jamil revealed; "I will also add that the scripts we've read so far are even funnier. And slightly filthier."

The context of filthier could mean a lot of things and in Jamil's words it's "the stories always start the same way. We're just laughing and having a great time. And then one of our fingers touches the other one's hair and then one thing leads to another..."

Bell chimed in;  "It's no secret that Eleanor's very fluid in her sexuality. So people have been stimulated by that thought."


The first season of 'The Good Place' ended with Eleanor, a human, trying to save her soul by becoming a better person after death, only to find out that the Good Place was, in fact, the Bad Place. With season two, series creator Michael Schur had created a classic television series and a hunt for a good place, if it even exists.

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 The Good Place will be back this autumn with a filthier season 3