'The Good Fight' Season 4 Episode 6: Adrian will play a political gamble as Diane's probe into Memo 618 becomes a worry

Adrian is banking upon protections of Memo 618, and Diane might just undo all of it

                            'The Good Fight' Season 4 Episode 6: Adrian will play a political gamble as Diane's probe into Memo 618 becomes a worry

Spoilers for 'The Good Fight' Season 4 Episode 6 'The Gang Offends Everyone'

Diane Lockhart's (Christine Baranski) mission this season has been to track, expose, and do away with Memo 618 for good. It is a Memo that has consistently protected those in a position of political power — including the wealthy — and now someone close to Diane is putting himself in a position to benefit from that very protection. Diana's quest to take down Memo 618 might just prove to be devastating to the career of her colleague Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo).

In the latest episode of 'The Good Fight,' Adrian is approached by the DNC, who want him to run for President. While nobody expects him to win the election, becoming a presidential candidate still gets Adrian a powerful platform through which he can spread his own views on justice. What's more, Adrian is just determined, stubborn, and optimistic enough to believe that he can win. Either way, his presidential run is important to him — and he's gambling his political ambitions on Memo 618.

Adrian's relationship with Judge Charlotte Hazlewood (Tamberla Perry) is his biggest concern. Not because of the relationship itself, given that they're both single, consenting adults who avoid conflicts of interest in court, but because Hazlewood has some very serious issues with corruption. Several of her rulings got her gifts that could technically be seen as bribes, but Judge Hazlewood is not worried. Though she has been forced to comply with Memo 618 against the interests of true justice, she is confident that by adhering to it, she is also subject to its protections. By extension, so is Adrian. 

Though it appears to not be a decision he takes lightly, Adrian's political ambitions are greater than any ethical concerns he has, and he stakes his career on the protections that Memo 618 gives him. He accepts the DNC's offer to back him as he runs for President in 2024 — something he will begin preparing for immediately. Diane's work to expose Memo 618, however, will take a lot of important beneficiaries of the memo down — and Judge Hazlewood will be chief amongst them.

Though they're not aware of it yet, Diane and Adrian are on a collision course. It's unclear how far away that inevitable confrontation is, but it's coming. With Season 4 cut short thanks to coronavirus halting production, however, this is likely a thread that will be picked up with 'The Good Fight' returning for Season 5.

The next episode of 'The Good Fight' airs May 29, on CBS All Access.

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