'The Good Fight' season 3: The 'best show on TV' is back with power dresses and nuanced political commentary

The third season of 'The Good Fight' will premiere this Thursday on CBS 'All Access' and stars Michael Sheen as a corrupt attorney

                            'The Good Fight' season 3: The 'best show on TV' is back with power dresses and nuanced political commentary

Robert and Michelle King earned their reputation as TV greats with 'The Good Wife' and even went on to secure a Writers Guild of America Award. The duo returned with a spin-off 'The Good Fight' which is now starting its third season which will premiere this Thursday on CBS 'All Access'.

The show has received critical acclaim and has been deemed the "best show on TV" as it tackles a plethora of social and political issues. As we near the premiere of the "bigger and badder" new season, here's what we think makes 'The Good Fight' the best thing on TV right now.

Politically and socially relevant

Be it a legal court drama or just another sitcom, many TV shows have strived to be politically relevant but only a few manage to get it right. 'The Good Fight' is one of those.

Originally conceived as a spinoff of 'The Good Wife' that would follow a triumphant Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) reigning in the age of President Hillary Clinton after her victory in 2016, the creators had to rethink everything when Donald Trump won the seat.

The show was dismantled and put together again and, in the process, it became one of the sharpest shows that deals with the Trump era.

The premiere opened with Diane Lockhart reacting to Trump's inaugural address and later episodes incorporated fake tweets and fake actions of the president into its storyline.

With season 2, the show became explicitly anti-Trump as every episode was named in correspondence to the day of the Trump's administration (“Day 478,” “Day 485,” etc.) and the plot became a bid to impeach Trump.

The episodes were ripped directly from the headlines, covering topics from White supremacists rallies to sexual assault. The show even referenced Trump being at a Russian hotel in a compromising position.

With season 3, the anti-Trump momentum will definitely take center stage as a new corrupt attorney, played by Michael Sheen, is introduced.

Despite being so politically driven, the show does not hesitate to have some fun. Season 3 has named its episodes starting with "The One..." as a tribute to 'Friends'.

Strong women leads

When we meet Diane in the first episode, she is on the verge of retirement and ready to live a good life. However, she discovers that her entire life savings, entrusted to the care of one of her oldest friends, have been lost in a financial scam. She is forced to enter the legal game once again and, like a bold, brave, accomplished, intelligent and witty woman, she faces the adversities head-on.

Then there's Maia Rindell (Rose Leslie), a young lawyer from a well-to-do family who has just passed the bar and scored her dream job at her godmother Diane's law firm. The same scam has also turned her life upside down and she follows Diane to a smaller but radical women-driven law firm trying to find her own place.

When we meet her, we see that she is in a long-term relationship with her girlfriend. Let's just say the two make a heartwarming couple.

Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo) is another powerful lead who is also navigating her way through the professional and personal complexities of life and becomes somewhat of a mentor to Maia. In season 3, we are going to see her in a new light as a single mother.

Diane, Maia, and Lucca are all powerful women who have different backgrounds and sexual orientations. The show proves that the power of a strong woman is incomprehensible.

Power dressing

The most fierce lawyers on TV are also the most well-dressed. A recent review on the show's costume reads: "Walking into the wardrobe room at 'The Good Fight' is like being transported to a couture fairy land. Rows upon rows of glamorous finery stretch across the entire floor of this warehouse building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, featuring labels like Fendi, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, and more."

Season 3 has upped the ante of power dressing as we will see labeled suits, be it in pink or grey, as the ladies set out to own the season.

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