'The Good Fight': Did creators just apologize for future episodes through error messages in the title sequence?

A gag introduced in the opening title sequence seems to imply that production errors may feature in upcoming episodes

                            'The Good Fight': Did creators just apologize for future episodes through error messages in the title sequence?
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The title sequence for 'The Good Fight' is always worth watching. Partly because of the music itself, which is hypnotic and thrilling, then rising to a joyfully explosive crescendo. Partly because it is never boring to watch object after object being blown up in slow motion. Sometimes, the show switches things up, and this week they slipped in a rather hilarious gag that appears to be apologizing for any shortcomings that the coronavirus may cause in upcoming 'The Good Fight' episodes.

The show has already used the title sequence to introduce a gag this season — the one for the first episode played its exploding objects in reverse for a backwards episode in which Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election instead of Donald Trump. This episode, we see error messages throughout the title sequence, explaining things like 'A sofa would have blown up here'. The coronavirus production challenges are affecting everyone, and 'The Good Fight' is no exception. 

The cast and crew of 'The Good Fight' have already both apologized and explained a delay in episodes, earlier this season. The work-from-home situation, enforced by coronavirus concerns, has posed a real problem to the production crew. However, there has been no news yet of a season break, meaning while episodes are apparently all continuing to release as per schedule, they might not have the polish that we've come to expect from the series.

The bits that were excluded from the title sequence aren't new shots — they've appeared in all the title sequences before this — and there's no reason why they couldn't have been included in this one. What's more, there's no thematic reason for the episode to be featuring production errors like this one in the episode itself — meaning that the inclusion may be both a warning and apology for quality dips in remaining 'The Good Fight' episodes.

It's a clever way to lampshade any post-production mishaps the show may have going forth without having to bring the cast and crew on for explanation videos every episode — and it's certainly vastly preferrable to delays in scheduling. Even so, we would not have entirely minded a few more rounds of the cast and crew singing from their homes around the world.

The next episode of 'The Good Fight' airs May 21, on CBS All Access, barring any major mishaps.

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