‘The Girls I've Been’ announced by Netflix, Millie Bobby Brown playing bisexual con-artist has fans excited

Several fans called the 'Stranger Things' actor playing the lead role in Tess Sharpe's popular YA novel's adaptation, "a win for the bisexuals"

                            ‘The Girls I've Been’ announced by Netflix, Millie Bobby Brown playing bisexual con-artist has fans excited
Millie Bobby Brown (Getty Images)

On Tuesday, July 28, Netflix made a big announcement. The streaming giant will be adapting Tess Sharpe’s young-adult thriller novel ‘The Girls I've Been’ into a feature film. The bigger news, however, is that Millie Bobby Brown, who is most famous for playing Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ is going to play the lead role.

In a tweet, Netflix Films’ official Twitter account announced, “Millie Bobby Brown will star in and produce ‘The Girls I've Been’. A new Netflix film adapted from Tess Sharpe's novel, the thriller follows a con artist who must use her powers of persuasion and impersonation to free herself, her girlfriend, and ex-boyfriend from a bank hostage situation.”

And fans seemed to latch on to that last sentence, especially the word “girlfriend” hard. In fact, several Twitter users expressed their delight, excitement, and pleasant surprise by just quoting the Netflix tweet and writing “Her girlfriend” in all caps.

“Millie in a Netflix WLW (woman-loving woman) action/drama movie! I subconsciously manifested it I think,” wrote an excited fan. Another fan said, “OMG! Millie playing an LGBTQIAP+ character. I stan!” Many appreciated the fact that the character was bisexual. One Twitter user wrote, “A win for the bisexuals.” Another wrote, “Bi representation!!!” quoting the tweet.

For many fans, it also came as a moment of vindication for how the actor was wrongly accused of being a homophobe back in 2018 -- an event which led her to leave Twitter. A Twitter user wrote, "We knew Millie was never a bigot but this just really proves it, doesn't it?

Many others were just surprised how a 16-year-old could possibly accomplish all that she had. A Twitter user wrote, "How tf she just 16 and doing all of these amazing things and I'm 25 and still sitting at home whining?"

Even author Tess Sharpe spoke about it on Twitter. She said, “Oh! I did not realize this was getting announced any time soon! Millie is a phenomenally talented person and I could not be more pleased she has decided to tackle playing Nora (and Haley and Katie, etc).”

The film produced by Michael Costigan, Jason Bateman (‘Ozark’, ‘Arrested Development’, and ‘The Outsider’), and Millie Bobby Brown, centers around Nora O’Malley, the daughter of a con artist who targets criminal men. Nora, her mother’s protege, has learned more than a trick or two from her mother. When she goes to the bank with her ex-boyfriend Wes and her secret girlfriend Iris, the three of them are taken hostage by two bank robbers.

According to Netflix, Millie Bobby Brown is currently developing ‘A Time Lost’ for the streamer. She is producing the film based on an original story she wrote with her sister Paige Brown. Her next project ‘Enola Holmes’, which she stars in and is producing with Paige Brown, will be released on Netflix later this year. 

Netflix has still not announced when filming for the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things' will resume after production was halted in March in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 'Stranger Things' received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series earlier on Tuesday, July 28.

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