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'Growing Up Is Dead': The Foxies tackle social exhaustion, male privilege and self-love in their upcoming EP

The band dropped their latest single 'Deep Sea Diver' today as they prepare for their upcoming release
The Foxies (The Syndicate)
The Foxies (The Syndicate)

Alternative rock band The Foxies premiered 'Deep Sea Diver' on May 19, their third song off their upcoming EP 'Growing Up Is Dead', which is releasing on May 29.

With a uniquely feral brand of rock ‘n’ roll built on thrashing punk energy and the hypnotic pageantry of electronic pop — a sound the band affectionately calls 'Goth Disco' - this Nashville-based power trio comprised of frontwoman Julia Lauren Bullock, guitarist Jake Ohlbaum and drummer Rob Bodley are all set to drop their six-track EP filled to the brim with thematic elements like empowerment and individuality.

The first single off the EP, 'Call Me When Your Phone Dies', was released back in March. Described as an 'ode to all the f**kboys out there', the single blended grunge and second-wave EDM and was a cheeky jab at 'wannabe players'. Unlike the more upbeat and punk rock sounds of 'Call Me When Your Phone Dies', lead single 'Anti Socialite' takes things down a notch, pairing distorted guitars, pounding drums and perfectly executed synths with Bullock's stunning vocals as she delivers an anthem for social exhaustion and stakes a claim for the castaways of a world gone social-media mad.

The song's music video features the legendary John Oates as a high school gym teacher and for that reason alone, it's worth watching. Of course, the fun track certainly helps make the video a worthwhile use of your time as well.


The third single and album closer 'Deep Sea Diver' dropped on May 19 and as Bullock explains, this track is a love song to yourself. She adds, "It’s going to the deep end of your own soul to tell yourself ‘Hey, I’ll be there for you.’ You’re going to have to live with yourself for the rest of your life, so you might as well be your best friend."

Across all three tracks, The Foxies have demonstrated their ability to mix things up with elements of punk rock and grunge blending perfectly with their use of EDM and synthpop, all of which are tied together by Bullock's vocals. Additionally, they also show off their ability to tackle a wide range of themes - going from playful tracks about male-dating privilege to relatable tracks about social experiences, to ones about self-love.

Speaking about the choice to get a little more primal with their sound on 'Growing Up Is Dead', full of punk-style instrumentals and warbling vocals that helped create the 'Goth Disco' sound, Bullock explains, "I’m a very visual person, and every song somehow made me think of a vampire nightclub."

The Foxies have already gained recognition with their previous EPs, 'Oblivion' and 'Battery', along with a string of stand-alone singles like 'Be Afraid Boy' and 'Chewing Gum' which put them on the radars of Nashville’s Native magazine and Lightning 100 radio. For the band, their music is a revival. "I think rock’s just been sleeping for a bit, and it’s about time to wake the bear," states Bullock. "And right now we have a very pointy stick."

Check out 'Deep Sea Diver' HERE.