'The Flash': Here's what season 5 big bad Cicada looks like in Episode 2 new images

'The Flash': Here's what season 5 big bad Cicada looks like in Episode 2 new images

Usually, the villains in 'The Flash' are speedsters who are either after Barry Allen and the team or they are described as a big bad, only to be humanized later on. In season five though, the showrunners are shaking up the order of things a bit to introduce a very different, "grizzled, blue-collar everyman" antagonist, called Cicada.

Portrayed by actor Chris Klein ('American Pie'), Cicada aka David Hersch ironically is not a metahuman. Rather he is someone, "whose family has been torn apart by metahumans" and who now "seeks to exterminate the epidemic — one metahuman at a time". While we have only heard about the might and powers of Cicada so far, the CW recently released some images revealing what the next Barry Allen nemesis would look like.

And if the picture (shared via Comic Book) is any proof, Cicada might be an absolute terror in the forthcoming season. Decked, top to toe in black with a mask covering half of his face (almost like a certain DC villain called Bane), Cicada's image evokes horror and at the same time focuses on the lack of metahuman characteristics as well, like the lack of a costume, or the jazzy graphics usually used to portray speedsters.


Above everything, the image sort of guides our eyes to the altered tone of the forthcoming season of 'The Flash'. "Every year we try to humanize the villain and this year we’re doing it in a way we haven’t done before," executive producer Todd Helbing recently told THR. "With Cicada, you see a guy who has been affected by what has been going on for the last four seasons in a way that’s unusual for our show. How he deals with it and what he decides to do is fresh and new."

Helbing is possibly referring to the original particle accelerator explosion, an event that changed the situation for many members of Team Flash, including Caitlin, Cisco, and now the new villain Cicada. However, what's even more interesting, is that this metahuman-hating villain is not in season five for Flash or the rest of the team. 

"His endgame isn’t about The Flash. It’s more of a bigger-scale issue..." Helbing added. "A big part of the story of this season [is about] the metas, where they got their powers from, and it’s tied into everybody’s journey this year. Cicada’s powers are different than DeVoe’s [and] any of the speedsters in the way they affect our team."


Apart from Cicada, the other images from 'The Flash' season five episode two - titled 'Blocked' - offered a glimpse of the team in general, from Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) to Cisco Ramon aka Vibe (Carlos Valdes), and the newest 'Flash' member, Nora West-Allen, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy.

The Flash returns on Tuesday, October 9, at 8/7c on The CW.

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