'The Flash': Eva McCulloch may meet her end early in Season 7 and close the Mirrorverse chapter for good

Eva McCulloch's glory days on 'The Flash' might just be over

                            'The Flash': Eva McCulloch may meet her end early in Season 7 and close the Mirrorverse chapter for good
Efrat Dor as Eva McCulloch (IMDb)

Season 6 of 'The Flash' was forcibly cut short, which explains why we were left with a dizzying cliffhanger. Iris West (Candice Patton), who has been in the Mirrorverse for most of the season, vanished into thin air.

Mirror Mistress Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor) killed off Joseph Carver, which is what she has been intending to do for a while. With that off the list, Eva believes that she has a world to save.... except, not so fast.

During the press conference where she gave a simpering explanation about her baffling disappearance for over six years, Eva begins to itch. We saw Iris (Candice Patton) experiencing it when she was trapped in the Mirrorverse. So, what does this mean for Eva?

As the last three episodes of Season 6 couldn't air due to the coronavirus pandemic, in all probability, they will be reworked into Season 7. So for the first few episodes of the season, we will witness Eva's downfall (hopefully) either at the hands of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) or the neural dissonance will do the trick.

Considering Barry has been determined to play the hero lately, even insistent on saving Carver, the man who might as well keep a board above his head saying "villain", Barry might not be the one to bring Eva down.

She got what she wanted, but it has come at a price. Well, that's what you get for trapping other people in the Mirrorverse, replacing them with mirror clones and creating havoc in other people's lives. 

'The Flash' series showrunner Eric Wallace teased that Eva's triumph might just turn into her downfall. "Look at her behavior at the press conference," Wallace hinted. "There's a huge clue there — a huge one — that all is not well with Eva."

The time in the Mirrorverse may have altered Eva for good. "Sometimes getting what you think you want only makes things worse, and that's exactly what's about to happen to Eva. And that will be the end of her story."

"When you've been obsessed with one thing for six years and you get it, what happens to you? Also, who did you become? Eva wants more than just killing her husband; she's out to save the world. So, we'll see how that ends up!" added Wallace.

So, will we see Eva's downfall in the early episodes of Season 7 and end this whole Mirrorverse saga for good?

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