'The Flash' Season 6: How Dr. Ramsey's appearance will impact Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost in the upcoming installment

'The Flash' Season 6: How Dr. Ramsey's appearance will impact Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost in the upcoming installment

Team Flash will face an interesting villain in Dr. Ramsey Russo aka Bloodwork in the upcoming season.

Played the Sendhil Ramamurthy,  the evil doctor will reportedly introduce Dr. Ramsey as an old acquaintance of Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), the S.T.A.R. labs bio-engineer who is also the villain/antihero known as Killer Frost.

Bloodwork is a relatively new addition to Flash's rogue gallery, having only been introduced after the 'New 52' reboot of the DC comics. In the books, Ramsey Rosso is a mortician working in the Central City Morgue.

The show seems to have changed his job profile to make him an oncologist but we don't know what else is different between the character and his comic book counterpart.

As far as relationships go, Snow is one person who's constantly faced trouble when she shatters. Take for instance her fiancé, Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) who dies trying to aid Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) aka The Flash.


This was followed by another broken relationship with Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom (Teddy Sears). She had a brief romance with forensic scientist Julian Albert, which ended after Caitlin's metagene awakened and her life was taken over by her murderous Killer Frost persona. 

Bloodwork aka Dr. Ramsey has an interesting bond with Killer Frost (The CW)

In season five, she was seen coming to terms of developing a better relationship with Killer Frost, her alter-ego.

The two have had a frosty relationship and while each character had their storyline to deal with in the previous season, Caitlin's revolved around bonding better with Frost.

Now, the relationship angle comes to the fore again with Dr. Ramsey making his way to Team Flash. Will his departure on bad terms from Snow makes her go dark again?


That would essentially mean all of her attempts to forge a stable relationship with Frost would be a failure.

However, showrunner Eric Wallace had this to say about Snow during an interview with TV Line: "Killer Frost is going to explore her humanity in ways we haven’t seen before — and sometimes that means her being on the team more than Caitlin."

"That doesn’t mean Caitlin is gone — obviously, she is integral to the story because she has the connection to our Big Bad, Bloodwork (aka Dr. Ramsey Russo)," he shared.

He added, "But some of the fun, some of the sadness, and some of the mysteries from Killer Frost's past that we haven’t really been able to deal with, now we can."

We can assume that Bloodwork's actions may have a major impact on Frost rather than Snow since the former is a more dominant persona. Looks like it will be Frost taking control in the new season. 

'The Flash' Season 6 premieres October 8 on The CW. 


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