'The Flash' Season 6 Finale: With Iris barely alive in the Mirrorverse, is it too late to save her?

'The Flash' Season 6 Finale:  With Iris barely alive in the Mirrorverse, is it too late to save her?
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Eric Nenninger as Joseph Carver (Dean Buscher/The CW )

The nerve-wracking Season 6 finale of 'The Flash' is just a day away. It has been a turbulent time for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), who spent half the season preparing to die in Crisis, then surviving it, battling numerous villains thereafter and realizing that his powers are dying.

And then, added to this, he discovered that his wife Iris West (Candice Patton) is withering away in the Mirrorverse, while her mirror clone had taken her place in the real world.


After a deadly battle with Mirror Iris that ended up killing her, Barry promised that he will find a way his back to Iris. And now, he's going to concoct a dangerous plan to save her from the Mirrorverse.

The synopsis for the finale titled 'Success Is Assured', reads, "Barry considers a dangerous plan to save Iris from the Mirrorverse; Ralph tries to stop Sue from making a terrible mistake that could destroy her life."


In the promo, Barry is determined to save Iris at any cost, but Joseph Carver warns him that just by chance if she is still alive in the Mirrorverse, "there is nothing left of her to save".

So just in case, Barry does save her, she might not be the Iris we love and remember. But then, West-Allen fans will revolt, as they're upset enough as it is that Iris spent half the season in the Mirrorverse. Being Barry, he is going to risk it all to save Iris.



Meanwhile, Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss) is back, and it seems as if she is here to stay. In the comics, she ends up being Ralph Dibney's (Hartley Sawyer) love interest, who meets a rather tragic end.


In the CW show, she has her own pound of flesh to extract from the Black Hole organization as well. In the promo photos, she helps Team Flash bring down Black Hole as well as Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor).

Eva doesn't care much about the team, she has her own business to sort out with her estranged husband Joseph Carver. And now, she's more powerful than ever.


Who wins this round? Tune into 'The Flash' on May 12, Tuesday, at 8 pm on The CW. 

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