'The Flash' Season 6 Episode 17 Promo: Barry hunts for real Iris and relieved fans say 'go get your wife'

In the promo for the next episode of 'The Flash', Barry Allen finally figures out the truth behind Mirror Iris

                            'The Flash' Season 6 Episode 17 Promo: Barry hunts for real Iris and relieved fans say 'go get your wife'
Barry Allen (The CW)

The last few minutes of 'The Flash' were upsetting, as Iris West (Candice Patton) calls it quits with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) after he sends her father Joe West (Jesse L Martin) to the Witness Protection Program. But that's not Iris, that's her Mirror clone, something we fans have been screaming for ages. How Barry did not figure it out before, is still a perplexing question.

But cheers, he finally has and going by the next promo, he is ready to sort this mess out and get his real wife back, who is having a really tough time behind the mirror. 

Fans are waiting breathlessly for the next episode. A fan tweeted, "Barry finally realizing that’s not his Iris."


Another wrote, "Oh damn! these scenes for next week! Yes, Barry! Go get your WIFE! Kick some Miris a**, Iris!"

"Holy fucking shit!!! The promo for 6x17!! Barry finally realizes it's not Iris!!! Candice Patton is ACTING!!!!! Can we fast forward to Tuesday!!" tweeted a fan.

"@CW_TheFlash I’m gonna need some SERIOUS #WestAllen make up scenes after this... My poor Barry!  AND I want Iris to BEAT that b*tch Miris’ ASS! #TheFlash," begged another fan.

"It felt like 50 years for Barry to actually see that's not his wife.. real Iris better beat Mirror Iris a** clock the bit*ch out," wrote another fan.

A fan noted that it took Mirror Iris to act like a terrible human being and throw Barry out of his own home, for Barry to realize that something is off with her. "So with everything else that's happened, it's not until Mirror Iris turns into a mega b***h and demands that he either use up his powers or get out for Barry to realize that she's not the real deal?"

Other fans were heartbroken to see Barry leave his home. "All Barry needed was a hug, his home, his Iris... and that Hepha threw him out in the cold!" wrote a fan.

Another fan remembered a dialogue from 6x07, where Barry was possessed by Bloodwork, and Iris asked him to come home, to which he said no. "Iris in 6x07: let’s go home. Evil Barry: no. Iris: that’s not barry. Barry in 6x16: you’re my home. Evil Iris: not anymore. Barry: you’re not my wife.

The next episode of 'The Flash' airs on April 28, Tuesday, at 8pm. The wait is unbearable, no doubt.

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