'The Flash' Season 6 Episode 14: Is Kamilla dead or in Mirrorverse with Iris? Fans are worried

Mirror Iris zapped Kamilla with a mirror-gun and fans are worried whether she is alive or not

                            'The Flash' Season 6 Episode 14: Is Kamilla dead or in Mirrorverse with Iris? Fans are worried
Kamilla and Cisco Ramon (Colin Bentley/The CW)

From the return of Reverse-Flash, Kid-Flash and Kamilla being zapped away by mirror Iris, a lot went down in the latest episode of 'The Flash'. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Wally West realized that the speedforce was dying and that nothing could be done to save it. The deterioration started months ago during Crisis, as Spectre (Stephen Amell) gave Barry his powers to save the universe. Turns out, it's either the speedforce or the fate of the universe. 

Apart from that, Kamilla innocently took a photo of Iris West (Candice Patton) and Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), only to notice that Iris does not appear properly in the photo. Before she could understand the meaning of this, Mirrior-Iris zaps her away with the mirror-gun. Is she dead or is she in the mirror too? Fans are rather baffled.

A fan tweeted, "Is Kamilla dead? Or in the mirrorverse?"

Another wrote, "Okay, did Mirror Iris really just kill Kamilla or send her through the mirror? Damn, between Barry and the speed force, Thawne in Nash's body and this..."


"Mirror!iris deadass shot kamilla with the mirror gun, get my GIRLS out of that damn mirror ! and i told y’all wally would’ve realized something was up - yet he’s leaving without digging deeper," tweeted a fan.

Some fans hope that Kamilla and Iris would reunite in Mirrorverse and realize that Eva McCulloch was deceiving them. "Okay if she used the Mirror Gun to trap Kamilla in the mirror world I hope she finds Iris and the two of them realize together that Eva is playing them," wrote a fan.

Another anxious fan wrote, "Did they just kill off Kamilla?" 

"Wait?! Is Kamilla dead or just in the mirror world with really Iris? Either way OMG!" wrote a fan.

"Did Kamilla just get killed off?" asked another fan. 

Well, only the next episode can answer that question. 'The Flash' airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm on The CW.

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