'The Flash' Season 6: Will the sinister Thawne aka Reverse Flash help Barry in generating artificial Speed Force?

Barry Allen is desperate right now and will do anything to get his powers back and that includes considering taking Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash's help

                            'The Flash' Season 6: Will the sinister Thawne aka Reverse Flash help Barry in generating artificial Speed Force?
Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh (The CW)

The world was saved, but it came at a high price for Barry Allen. During the Crisis, Barry got power full from Spectre (Stephen Amell) and this somehow corrupted the speed force. In 'Crisis On Infinite Earths' Part 4, when Barry and the rest of the Paragons were trapped in the Vanishing Point, Oliver Queen who had died earlier, returned as the mysterious entity called the Spectre. As Barry couldn't tap into his Speed Force, so he turned to Oliver for help. Barry told Oliver to help him use the speed force to save everyone. Oliver complied but warned Barry that there would be dangerous consequences. He touched Barry's head and used his power to help Barry gain access to the Speed Force again. This boost led to the death of the speed force. 

And so here we are now, watching Barry struggle and sweat it out as he realizes that his powers are slowly dying a miserable death. The Speed Force, who has normally taken the form of his mother Nora Allen, has helped Barry through the worst times of his life. Not only did the Speed Force die, Barry had to watch his mother die again, so double ouch for that. He has now decided to generate an artificial Speed Force till he finds a way to the original energy, but this won't be like the real one which enabled speedsters to travel across several time periods.

Barry might just adopt the Reverse Flash's (Tom Cavanagh) method of creating an artificial Speed Force, which was the exact opposite of Barry's power. Yet, using the Negative Speed Force, the Reverse Flash could travel through multiple time periods, without detection. And, he had taught Barry's daughter Nora, exactly this. 

Needless to say, this is a life-altering decision. Reverse-Flash is one of the most sinister villains on the show, and trying to use his trick, might just land Barry in more physical and emotional torment. Barry is no stranger to trouble and with people playing his mind, but this might be the most difficult challenge yet. Though Reverse Flash was seemingly defeated in this season, he is still a spectral entity and can come back any time soon. In the comics, the Reverse Flash does lead Barry towards the Negative Speed Force and that takes a toll on him. Though Barry breaks free, the effects still linger and act up. 


Another way this could go is that Barry decides to team up with Reverse Flash to create the artificial Speed Force. Sounds wild yes, but he just might need his help to understand Nora's method in her notebook. Obviously, this could lead to Eobard Thawne getting his powers back again and unleashing hell on Barry, just like he always does. Thawne is powerless right now, but he will always find a way to come back. And Barry, in his desperation to recreate the Speed Force, might just hand it to him. Thawne is known for his lust for blood, and has wreaked enough havoc before, including killing Barry's mother and erasing Nora from existence. 

Don't do it Barry! 

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