'The Flash': Why Iris West-Allen turning meta-human could be a game-changer for Season 7

Candice Patton shared a poster of Iris West-Allen, with the words 'Heroes will be reborn' and we can't help examining what it would mean

                            'The Flash': Why Iris West-Allen turning meta-human could be a game-changer for Season 7
Candice Patton in 'The Flash' (IMDb)

'The Flash' Season 6 might have ended a tad too abruptly for our taste, but we sure can expect the scarlet speedster to raise hell when he returns for a Season 7, which is, well next year, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that stalled production and filming. Season 6 was cut short by several episodes, and it is expected that they will be included in the next season. A lot happened, and most of it wasn't pleasant. For starters, Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) was not rescued from the Mirrorverse, delaying the much-hoped-for Iris-Barry reunion. Secondly, she 'vanished'. Iris had been suffering from neural dissonance for two episodes now and it seems that it finally took its toll on her. Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor), who had escaped from the Mirrorverse just a whole ago, is beginning to face the same itch, as we saw in her press conference, where she told a pack of lies about how her husband Joseph Carver (Eric Nenninger) had died while trying to save her.

However, there has been much speculation that Iris might have developed meta-human powers in the Mirrorverse too, as she had just learned how to control them. Candice Patton's latest post gives us a hint. She shared the poster of Iris, which has the words, "Heroes will be reborn" written across it. Her Arrowverse co-star Nicole Maines retweeted this post with the caption, "Who else is doing it like Candice Patton?"




Fans were excited about a possible team-up between Dreamer and Iris, but we can't help examining Candice's original post. Iris could just make a comeback as an epic superhero, something all her fans have been demanding for ages. Iris had been abducted into the Mirrorverse for the second half of Season 6 by Eva, who at first pretended to be a distraught wife, missing her husband. It turned out that Eva had diabolic plans of her own and had installed mirror clones of Iris and Kamilla (Victoria Park) back in the real world to do her dirty work.

Mirror Iris got Bloodwork's (Sendhil Ramamurthy) blood and threw it into the mirror liberating Eva from her glassy prison. For a long time, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) had not figured out the truth, and it required him to get thrown out of his own house to finally realize that something was off with Iris. After an epic Terminator-ish battle with Mirror-Iris, Barry managed to convince the clone that she doesn't have to be this person. And then well, Eva kills her. Eva's husband Joseph had promised that there is nothing left of Iris, but obviously, we know that's not true. 

If Iris indeed becomes a superhero joining Barry, this could be a gamechanger for Season 7. Iris is the only person to not possess powers in the team as of now, though her resourcefulness and presence of mind have saved all their lives several times. It would give a fresh twist to 'The Flash' if Iris became a meta-human, and can actually join Barry in battle, rather than watch him fight from the sidelines or wait for him back home. We've all seen Iris ace it as a reporter and have exemplary investigation skills, which also counts as a superpower, in its own right. And maybe, Iris can finally help Barry with his dying speed force, that has given away at long last? There are many paths Season 7 could take, and this should just be one of them. It's time to give Iris a far more substantial role and make the best of Candice Patton.

'The Flash' will return in January 2021, on CW. 

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