'The Flash': What if Barry Allen dated Lena Luthor? Five women the Scarlet Speedster could have dated

What if Barry and Iris remained just friends? Here's a list of women who Barry *could* have ended up with

                            'The Flash': What if Barry Allen dated Lena Luthor? Five women the Scarlet Speedster could have dated
Barry Allen and Lena Luthor (IMDB)

Yes we know, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West (Candice Patton) are endgame. BUT, before they got together and began an everlasting romance, Barry did desperately try dating other women from the Arrowverse. So in a what-if scenario, what if Barry and Iris just remained close friends and Barry found someone else?

That 'someone else' could be anyone from the Arrowverse. Here's our list.

Felicity Smoak

Barry Allen with Felicity Smoak (CW)

Yes, we went there. Do you remember that they went on a date in the second season of 'Arrow'? Barry had visited Starling City to help his close friend Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) on a case. During his stint there, he met Felicity and they even seemed to have a connection. They went out on a romantic dinner while Oliver turned green with jealousy. However, they decided to remain, friends, as they both had feelings for other people (Hence, Olicity and WestAllen). They would have made a cute couple. What if they had decided to go ahead with their date hmm?

Lena Luthor

Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor (IMDB)

THIS is a rom-com--- 'The Proposal' like scenario waiting to happen. Frost queen Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) is thawed out by emotional and impulsive Barry Allen. Hopefully, unlike Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) he tells her the truth about his identity quickly, else she goes back into her shell and leaves him to die (literally). Come to think about it, it would be an amazing couple, as they would balance each other out. Apart from being betrayed by people they trusted, Barry could help Lena forgive easily, while she could provide some rationale to Barry, whenever he decides to be emotional and make hasty decisions.

Caitlin Snow

Barry and Caitlin (CW)

Many fans have shipped 'SnowBarry' from the beginning, and we can see why. The two are close friends and there's always a possibility of something more happening between them. Barry knows how to break down Caitlin's (Danielle Panabaker) walls and they get each other. Not a bad idea, at all. Remember how Hannibal Bates impersonated Barry and sneaked in a kiss with Caitlin? 


Barry Allen with Kara Danvers (CW)

Barry and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) have always given off a cute vibe. They have a strong friendship, which has led to several mini-crossovers in the past. Kara even sang for him at his wedding. Apart from this, they have tragic pasts and they're both emotional and virtuous by nature. THIS would have been a fun couple to ship. Not to mention, their chemistry is unmistakable.

Nia Nal 

Nia Nal (CW)

Soft and sweet Nia (Nicole Maines), with the reckless Barry. They could make for an excellent crime-fighting duo and would sure as hell look cute together. Sorry Brainy.

As it stands, Barry needs to save his own marriage with Iris, who's currently locked away behind a mirror. Will he finally discover the truth? Tune into 'The Flash' this Tuesday at 9 pm. 

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