'The Fix' season 1: Taylor Kalupa on having fun on the sets of ABC's upcoming legal drama

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, the actress talked about the challenges of her role in the “part legal thriller, part confessional, and part revenge fantasy”

                            'The Fix' season 1: Taylor Kalupa on having fun on the sets of ABC's upcoming legal drama

ABC is on a roll this year, with the network having lined up a number of series set for release in the upcoming months. One among them, 'The Fix,' is set to release on March 18.

The show is a “part legal thriller, part confessional, and part revenge fantasy” that follows the story of Maya Travis, an LA district attorney.

Travis's career goes into a tailspin after she fails to prosecute an A-list movie star for double murder. With her career going on a tailspin after the case, she leaves LA and moves to rural Washington for a better life. But eight years later the same star is suspected in another murder, and Travis is called back to the DA’s office for another chance at redemption.



One among main cast members in the series is Taylor Kalupa. Kalupa plays the role of Jessica Meyer, the girlfriend of Sevy Johnson, the embattled Hollywood star.

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide, Kalupa talked about her role in the legal drama series and how she prepared herself for her character.

Starting off, she sums up her charracter with, "I play the role of Sevy Johnson's girlfriend. He is the one that under suspicion for murdering again and was in trail eight years prior for another murder. So yeah, I am dead and I keep coming in a series of flashbacks."



Talking about her preparations, Kalupa revealed, "It was an interesting approach because when you see the trailer for the show there's video footage of me found bruising. It was a specific approach because it had to look like whether or not he did it or not. I had to take on the approach of being physically abused. I have not been in a physically abusive relationship, but I have been in an emotionally abusive one. So I drew from personal experience for that. But mainly it's the research that I brought out. You know I found out about her husband etc. You find out more and more as the season goes and so I was learning about her as we were shooting the series."

The series might be based on a legal thriller, but we were curious to know what it was like on the sets when they weren't shooting. Kalupa revealed that it was a fun set to be in. "I absolutely loved everyone on the set. I mean I couldn't have asked for a better cast and crew; everyone was friendly. It was just so much fun to be on." 



On being asked what made this legal drama different from the others we have seen before, Kalupa said, "It is different because it's not completely from the true story. It is inspired by her experience. And then it's essentially a revenge fantasy and I would say that it's a show that it's not about the law. It's more about the relationships about media impact, you know, people's opinions about things. There is love involved and solving the crime. It's a lot of different things. I'd say different standard legal show in that way." 

'The Fix' premieres on ABC on March 18. Check your local listings for more information.