'The Fix' spoilers for episode 4 include shocking leaked video of Maya Travis and Matthew Collier making out

'The Fix' spoilers for episode 4 include shocking leaked video of Maya Travis and Matthew Collier making out

Last Monday, ABC released the third episode of their new legal drama, 'The Fix'. The 10-episode series revolves around Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) a former district attorney. Travis resigned from her post after she failed to prosecute movie star Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) for a double murder. After resigning from her post, Travis moved to a ranch in Washington. Eight years later Johnson is suspected for murder again. This time it was his girlfriend Jessica Meyer (Taylor Kalupa), and Travis is called back to the DA's office for a chance to prove that Johnson committed the murder. 

Before we head on to the preview for the 4th episode, here is a short recap of the important scenes that happened last week. We witnessed Johnson's stepson Gabriel Johnson (Alex Saxon) find out about his stepfather abusing Meyer, and he leaves the house. We also see Johnson go to his ex-wife Julia Johnson (Robin Givens) for help. He tells her to make sure Gabriel does not tell anything to the cops. 


Following that, we also got to know about Dia Briseño (Vannessa Vasquez) Johnson's mistress. Travis and C.J. Bernstein (Merrin Dungey) hunt Briseno down and arrest her. Following Briseno's arrest, Travis tries to get information from her, but fails. 

That's when Loni Kampour (Mouzam Makkar) comes in. She convinces Briseno to meet Johnson wearing a wire so they can get information about him. Meanwhile, Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen) convinces his ex-wife, who also happens to be Johnson's doctor, to be an alibi and prepare a fake prescription for Johnson stating he was in his house asleep due to medication. 



Wolf also hunts down Kampour to find out why she didn't warn him about Jessica Meyers's tapes where she showed the bruises she got from Johnson when he abused her. But she escapes stating she had no idea about them. Following that, we were taken back to Briseno; she storms out of a hotel and heads over to Johnson's house and demands answers. Through that Johnson reveals the alibi which Travis records on tape. 

Wolf was shocked when he realizes Travis knew about him creating a fake alibi in order it save Johnson from being the main suspect in Jessica Meyers's murder. The episode ends with Wolf and Johnson planning to take down Travis. In return, they send someone to Travis' ranch in Washington to see if they can dig up dirt about her. 

Looking at the trailer released for 'The Fix' episode 4, here's what we can potentially expect from the forthcoming episode. The third episode ended with Wolf and Johnson's sidekick visiting Travis' ranch in Washington, as a potential customer who wants to buy a horse, so there is a high chance the episode might begin with this. In the sneak peek that was uploaded, it was revealed that Travis' boyfriend, Riv (Marc Blucas) figures out who this person is and raises a gun toward him. How he finds this out, is the question we want answered. 



Following that, we see Travis make an appearance on Matthew Collier's (Adam Rayner) wife's talk show where she says, "If I want to put a murderer away, I can't play nice." The teaser shows Travis saying she is just one piece of evidence away from arresting Johnson and a twist where the DA Alan "Charlie" Wiest (Breckin Meyer) questions Travis and Collier as to whether they were lovers. 

Another teaser revealed that someone leaked a video to a website, which showcases Travis and Collier in a make-out session, implying the lovers are out to get revenge. Maybe this is why Travis appears on Collier's wife's show to talk about the dirty tricks Johnson and Wolf are playing in order to get her back. 


The teaser ends with Gabriel hitting someone with an axe. We are yet to find out who. It could be Julia Johnson (Robin Givens) because she tricked him into believing she was helping him, while she was just trying to keep him quiet and not go to the cops. 

By the looks of both the teasers, it is safe to say this episode will have a lot of twists along with the usual red herrings and cliffhangers we witnessed in the first three episodes. 'The Fix' airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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