'The Fix' Season 1 episode 2 preview: Sevvy Johnson's house raided, as trailer reveals another suspect

'The Fix' Season 1 episode 2 preview: Sevvy Johnson's house raided, as trailer reveals another suspect

This article contains some spoilers for the show 'The Fix' 

Last Monday, ABC released the first episode of its new legal drama 'The Fix.' The series is a legal thriller mixed with a confessional. Revolving around the story of Maya Travis (Robin Tunney), an L.A. district attorney, her life takes a turn when she resigns from her post as D.A. after she fails to prosecute actor Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) for a double murder.

Eight years later, the same star is suspected for another murder, and Travis is called back to the DA’s office for a chance at redemption. With just one episode of the series released, the show already has its fans and viewers hooked onto it with red herrings and a cliffhanger that ended the episode.

In the first episode we saw Travis and Johnson meet after eight years once again. Travis and Matthew Collier (the assistant D.A.) get agents with a search warrant to search for clues or evidence in Johnson's house. Now, with the second episode set to air Monday, we may find answers to questions left in the first episode. Here is a preview of what you can expect during the second episode.


When the first episode ended, we see Johnson gives his step-son a duffel bag to get rid of before Travis and the agents get to his property. But there is always a chance of some evidence or clue that suspects forget to get rid of. In episode two, the agents stumble upon a piece of evidence or clue that was left behind by Johnson or someone else from the family, as seen in the trailer. Keep guessing what it might be.


In the first episode, D.A. Loni Kampour gets jealous after Maya is named lead prosecutor over her for Johnson's case, so she retaliates by going to Ezra Wolf, Johnson's lawyer, and reveals information about the raid. This situation could turn out tricky. Also, in episode one, we notice Ben Mitchell is one of the possible suspects for Jessica Meyer's murder. Mitchell is a client of Meyer. In the beginning of episode 1, Mitchell was suspected of murdering Meyer after he was caught getting rid of Meyer's chain in the dumpster.


In the trailer we also see what is possibly a new suspect. Johnson confronts and asks her, "Did you kill Jessica?" It is unknown who this person is, but probably we will get to know more about her once the episode airs Monday night.


'The Fix' airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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