'The Fix' Season 1: Episode 1 ends in gripping cliffhanger and we may know who Jessica Meyer's murderer is

'The Fix' Season 1: Episode 1 ends in gripping cliffhanger and we may know who Jessica Meyer's murderer is

ABC recently released the first episode of its new series 'The Fix.' The show is a legal thriller mixed with a confessional and a revenge fantasy. The series revolves around the story of Maya Travis, an L.A. district attorney. Travis resigns from her post as DA and moves to a ranch in Washington after she fails to prosecute A-list movie star Sevvy Johnson for double murder. Eight years later, the same star is suspected for another murder, and Travis is called back to the DA’s office for a chance at redemption. 

Marcia Clark who is the executive producer for the series was also the prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder case in 1995 — a case which she seemed like winning but ended up losing. Ever since her loss in O.J. Simpson's case, Clark has been a law pundit and a writer. And now with 'The Fix', she is taking a step into the TV industry.


After just one episode, the series already has fans hooked onto the show, ending the episode with a cliffhanger as to who might be the person who murdered Jessica Meyer, Johnson's girlfriend who was found dead on the beach. In the first episode, we see a lot of suspects, the main one being Johnson himself, followed by Meyer's client Ben Mitchell.

Travis suspects that it was Johnson who murdered Meyer because she has evidence that he did physically abuse Meyer. And even Johnson's own daughter, who was Meyer's close friend, suspects it was her father who murdered Meyer. But there are other speculations as to who might be the real murderer. Here is our guess as to who might have murdered Meyer and the real villain in the series. 


Our guess is that Meyer's killer is none other than Ezra Wolf who is Johnson's defense attorney. Wolf is played by Scott Cohen. In the series, we notice Wolf is drowning in mob debt due to gambling and when they send a hit man to threaten him, Wolf tells him he has won a big case and he will have the money to pay his debt back. This reveals a hint Wolf could be the murderer after all. 

He knew Johnson was already on the list of suspects for a double murder, and decided if he murdered his girlfriend, he would get into trouble yet again and would need a lawyer. And this time, he could gain a huge amount from him. Because, after all, Johnson is a huge star and has access to a lot of money. Wolf would have realized that this easy money could help him clear his debt and save his life. Hence, a motive for him to go ahead and murder Meyer. 


When the second episode airs Monday, it would probably bring us one step closer to seeing who the real villain is. 'The Fix' airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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