'The Family Chantel': Who is Angenette? Chantel accuses her of 'fishing for Americans' after she married Royal

'The Family Chantel': Who is Angenette? Chantel accuses her of 'fishing for Americans' after she married Royal
Angenette and Chantel (TLC)

The Everett family is growing bigger this season as two new additions come into the show. Chantel Everett's older brother, Royal Everett, joined the family along with his wife, Angenette. The two have got mixed emotions in the family as some of them love the pair while some have their doubts. Here's everything we know about the couple:

1. Angenette was first to message Royal

Royal revealed he got a message from Angenette on Facebook and the two started talking. After speaking for a couple of months, Royal seemed to be convinced that she is the one for him. It is unclear how Angenette found his profile, but it looks like the two are happy.

2. She is from the Philippines

While Royal was studying in Texas, Angenette was in the Philippines. The two started their relationship through social media and decided to give it a try.

3. They applied for K1 visa

Royal and Angenette had applied for the K1 visa that granted them three months to see if they wanted to move forward with the wedding. Previously Chantel had applied for the same when she wanted to marry Pedro Jimeno.

4. Duo got married one week after Angenette came to US

Angenette and Royal did not want to wait for a long time as the two got married within a week. Even though they had three months in hand, they decided to not wait for a long time as they were sure. However, Chantel has her doubts as to why the wedding was rushed.

5. They met twice before getting married

Royal had gone to the Philippines twice to meet Angenette. The pair had been talking on social media for a long time and finally decided to meet each other. When he first met her, he proposed to her. The second time around he managed to meet her family. Following this, the pair started preparation for Angenette to come to the US.

While Royal's parents and siblings are happy, the only two who seem to have doubts are Chantel and Pedro. Chantel thinks Angenette was "fishing for Americans" and happened to meet her brother. While no one else in the family has similar thoughts, Chantel seems to take it upon herself to get to the bottom of the truth.

'The Family Chantel' airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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