'The Family Chantel': Will Royal jeopardize his relationship with Chantel for Angenette?

Royal Everett throws Chantel under the bus after Angenette questions him and their relationship

                            'The Family Chantel': Will Royal jeopardize his relationship with Chantel for Angenette?
Royal and Chantel (TLC)

Royal and Chantel Everett have always been close and there is not a thing that the siblings hide from each other. After Royal married Angenette, their relationship started crumbling down as trust issues flooded their marriage. He did not hold back in opening up about their situation to his sister Chantel. 

Royal admitted he had doubts about Angenette as he wondered if she was faithful to him. He revealed there were questions about him being the father of the child when Angenette was pregnant. To make matters worse, he questioned Angenette about having a relationship with other men and looking for an American to settle down. Hearing this, Chantel did not have a good view of who Angenette is. When they finally met, her doubts grew more as she had a lot of questions to ask Angenette. In the latest episode (November 16), Chantel decided to bring this topic again when the siblings got together to meet Angenette and her friends. 

Chantel was quick to ask Angenette if she was talking to other guys. While she denied, Angenette was shocked to find out Royal had said those things to his sister. Once Royal came and joined the table, Angenette was quick to confront him. However, Royal denied having any conversation where he might have alleged this. 

Despite Chantel questioning him about their conversation, he decided to stick to his answer and refused ever speaking about it. Chantel wondered if his brother was hiding a lot of things from her. However, she tried to justify his actions by stating Angenette was present with her friends. She wondered if Royal was lying to stop any fight from brewing up. As the conversation continued, Angenette questioned Royal for lying and telling things to his family about their relationship. She even asked him to head back home even though the two had come to the Philippines to get married again. 

After Royal noticed how bad the situation was getting, he decided to walk away from the conversation. However, there is no doubt that the tension between the family had grown. Right from Chantel questioning the whole situation to Angenette doubting Royal, things do not look good. 

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