'The Family Chantel': Pedro calls the Everett family a 'hypocrite' for acting 'fake' in front of Angenette

Pedro Jimeno is not happy with the Everett family as he calls them out for being fake

                            'The Family Chantel': Pedro calls the Everett family a 'hypocrite' for acting 'fake' in front of Angenette
Pedro and Chantel (TLC)

Pedro Jimeno seems to have had enough of the Everett family as he is finally calling them out. In the latest episode (November 30) of the show, Pedro was shocked to see how many questions the family had about Angenette, Royal's wife. These questions stemmed from Chantel Everett finding out her uncle was getting messages from Angenette's mother. 

This made them wonder if Angenette was "fishing for American men," and Royal happened to be one of her victims. On their ride to Angenette's home, the family seemed to list out some of the reasons as to why they didn't trust her. However, once they reached her town, their attitude seemed to change instantly. Karen gifted Angenette's family watches, bracelets and other things. At the same time, they praised and thanked the family was preparing food for them. As they continued to build a relationship with Angenette's family, Pedro called them 'hypocrites.' He was not pleased to see that the family did not show their true colors to Angenette's family. 

Speaking to the camera, he admitted the Everett family was behaving like "fake" people. However, Chantel had a different take on this. She thought it was not the right time to confront Angenette's family as it would have led to misunderstandings. She thought it was better to give them time than to jump to conclusions. 

This wasn't the first time Pedro called out the Everett family. Unlike Angenette, who was openly welcomed into the family first, Pedro did not have the same experience. When Pedro was introduced, the Everett family had a lot of questions about them. While some of them thought he was not fit for Chantel, others questioned his true intentions. 

While Angenette's situation seems to have turned out that way now, Pedro thought he was treated differently from the start. Even though things are better now, it seems like Pedro has not been able to move past what had happened. With Angenette and her alleged lies taking over the family, can Pedro improve his relationship with the rest of the family? 

'The Family Chantel' airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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