'The Family Chantel': Pedro gets mad at Chantel for not graduating, fans call him 'selfish and narcissistic'

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno get into an argument after he finds out she is not graduating

                            'The Family Chantel': Pedro gets mad at Chantel for not graduating, fans call him 'selfish and narcissistic'
Pedro and Chantel (TLC)

Chantel Everett had been working hard to graduate from her nursing school and Pedro Jimeno had their lives planned after she was done. While he had been working to make sure Chantel followed her dreams, he was looking forward to finally following his own path. Pedro had been vocal about his desire to study more and thought the best time would be following Chantel's graduation. 

The pair had been preparing for the tradition, but their plans were shattered when Chantel found out she was not graduating. Chantel revealed she managed to pass all her exams, but in the final exam, she failed. Due to this, the nursing school asked to reapply for the next semester. Chantel was hurt and broke down crying thinking she would not be able to graduate along with her friends. At the same time, she felt emotional about having to do this all over again. Meanwhile, Pedro too was disappointed as this meant he would have to wait a bit longer for him to start going to college. 

Chantel was not happy to see Pedro disappointed. "I know you're not proud of me right now," she said. Pedro replied, "I'm not proud of you right now." Chantel was hurt after hearing Pedro confirm what he had been feeling. "You're not, but I do need for you to be proud of me no matter what," she said. "My friends, they're still proud of me. They are supporting me, and they know how much this means and you, out of anybody, should know how much this hurts me right now." Pedro tried to make Chantel understand that he did support her, but was disappointed to know he won't be able to go back to school. 

"But you're not giving me what I need," she said. Pedro defended his actions and said, "I'm trying to. I feel disappointed with you because I believed you're going to do the best and finish school this year ... and now I [have] to wait." The pair managed to get back on the same page, but by then fans were quick to call Pedro out for his behavior. 

One user wrote, "I don’t like Chantel but Padro is selfish, narcissistic, and a user." Another added, "Maybe she should turn the tables and don't care about his feelings and go out and have a weekend blast fun... not worried about his needs and wants. She should go to a spa... And chill. Flip of the bird."

"Chantel run because he only cares about himself, family, and the American dream. You have been supporting him since day one no matter what. Red flag listen to your woman intuition is always right," said another. "Horrible. He should put his wife first... she should be held close to his heart. Not put her last. She to beautiful... and not have to beg," wrote another. 

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