'The Family Chantel': Will Nicole leave Alejandro? Lidia slams their relationship after finding out he is married

Lidia Jimeno finally finds out about Alejandro's secret and she is not happy about it

                            'The Family Chantel': Will Nicole leave Alejandro? Lidia slams their relationship after finding out he is married
Alejandro, Nicole and Lidia (TLC)

Nicole Jimeno is in love with Alejandro, but one thing stopping their relationship is her mother, Lidia Jimeno. Nicole and Alejandro have been dating for a couple of months, but the pair are hoping to take their relationship forward. After being in a long-distance relationship for a long time, Alejandro finally decided to come and visit Nicole. 

He thought of taking this time to introduce himself to Lidia in the hope that she would accept him. However, his first impression seemed to be bad. Lidia was not happy to find out Nicole was dating a guy who was from the Dominican Republic as she thought they could not be trusted. At the same time, she was not pleased to find out he worked as a manager and bartender. 

Lidia believed Nicole could do much better than him and was wasting her time on him. She even opened up about her thoughts on Alejandro while having a conversation with her colleagues. At first, Lidia hinted she was having a hard time picturing Nicole with another man as it would mean she would leave her soon. 

However, her colleagues made her understand how Alejandro deserved another chance. After some convincing from her colleagues and many requests from Nicole, Lidia finally decided to give Alejandro another chance. Unfortunately, their second meeting also turned out to be bad after he opened up about his past life. 

Alejandro decided to be honest about his past and told Lidia about being married. He was quick to add that a divorce had been filed for. However, Lidia thought Alejandro was having a relationship with her daughter while being married to another woman. She was quick to label him as a "dirtbag" and hinted he would eventually hurt Nicole. 

Lidia seemed convinced that Alejandro was not for Nicole. However, Nicole thought otherwise. Despite her mother's objection, Nicole decided to stick by Alejandro. Previously, her brother, Pedro Jimeno, hinted he did not accept Nicole and Alejandro's relationship. After meeting Alejandro in New York, Pedro thought Nicole should stay away from him. 

Pedro was not impressed with his attitude and thought he could not be trusted as he was still married. With Pedro and Lidia being against Alejandro, will Nicole finally leave him? 

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