'The Family Chantel': Is Nicole with Alejandro for green card? Pedro shocked to see sister with a married man

Alejandro reveals he is still married and viewers think Nicole is with him for a green card

                            'The Family Chantel': Is Nicole with Alejandro for green card? Pedro shocked to see sister with a married man
Nicole and Alejandro (TLC)

Nicole Jimeno has been vocal about her love for her new boyfriend Alejandro. The two met at a party and started talking via social media. Within months, they knew there was chemistry between them that was hard to ignore. The pair decided to make their relationship official, but the doors to problems opened along with it. Nicole had been keeping a big secret from her family, and it was the truth about Alejandro's past. Nicole's brother Pedro Jimeno found out Alejandro was still married. While the news left him shocked, Alejandro did not seem apologetic about what was happening. Speaking to the camera, Alejandro revealed he had been married for four years and met his wife when he came to the US on a tourist visa.

The pair said their I do's within weeks of meeting each other. While their relationship managed to last for four years, Alejandro revealed the spark is not there anymore. He admitted his wife was the one who brought the divorce papers to him. He added she was aware of his relationship with Nicole. Even though they are not together, Alejandro revealed he has a green card that allows him to continue to stay in the US. Pedro did not seem convinced and was worried about his sister's future. Alejandro revealed his wife was trying to get back with him after finding out he had moved on.

He hinted jealousy could be the reason for this. After hearing all this, Pedro was sure he could not welcome Alejandro into the family. Fans were not shocked to hear that Alejandro was married. Many took to social media to express their thoughts about what had happened. "She is not a good person. She even tried to hook her friend with Pedro while he was married to Chantal," read one comment. "The fact that she’s trying to say it’s ok and justify it. I hope his wife finds out and karma gets her," said another. "I’m not surprised. She doesn’t care as long as she gets $$$" wrote another user. "Jajajaj she wanna green card, but she doesn't understand el Tipo is married and he can't give her the green card!!!! She thinks the great thing!" wrote another.

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