'The Family Chantel': Trouble in paradise? Alejandro's family asks him to dump Nicole following her meltdown

Nicole Jimeno doubts her relationship with Alejandro after finding out he had given gifts to his ex-girlfriends

                            'The Family Chantel': Trouble in paradise? Alejandro's family asks him to dump Nicole following her meltdown

Nicole Jimeno and Alejandro are trying to make their relationship work, but things have been tough for the couple recently. In the latest episode (November 23), Alejandro decided to take Nicole to meet his friends and family. He had been vocal about his love for Nicole and thought it was the right time for him to introduce her.

Once Nicole met everyone, she wanted to make sure she knew everything about Alejandro. For this, she decided to engage in a conversation with Alejandro's cousins and friends. Nicole admitted she had met one of them as he often came to give her the gifts that Alejandro had purchased for her. However, she was more curious to find out if Alejandro behaved in the same way with his girlfriends from the past. Even though Alejandro had told her she was the only one he did so much for, Nicole had her own doubts. She decided to ask his friends and cousins about the number of ex-girlfriends he had introduced to his family in the past.

At the same time, she was curious to find out if he had bought gifts for any of them. Alejandro's cousins decided to be honest with Nicole and revealed he had brought another girlfriend in the past to meet his family. They further added that his ex-girlfriend was also showered with gifts. Hearing this, Nicole felt betrayed. She thought all this while Alejandro had been lying to her as he kept on insisting that she was the special one in his life. She also wondered if her mother had been right about Alejandro. After listening to the truth from Alejandro's family, Nicole decided to walk away.

This left Alejandro shocked as she did not give him a chance to explain. Meanwhile, his family members did not appreciate Nicole's meltdown. Alejandro's cousins were quick to ask him to dump Nicole because of the way she behaved. However, Alejandro seemed uncertain. This is not the first time their relationship has had problems. Nicole and Alejandro are also facing backlash from her family and friends. Nicole's mother does not seem happy with her daughter's choice while her friends question her for dating a married man. Will these differences lead to their breakup?

'The Family Chantel' airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET on TLC.

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