'The Family Chantel': Is Chantel jealous of Angenette? Royal hints family's dislike towards Pedro is the cause

Royal has some assumptions about why Chantel might be into their business and he feels Pedro might be one of the reasons

                            'The Family Chantel': Is Chantel jealous of Angenette? Royal hints family's dislike towards Pedro is the cause
Chantel, Royal and Angenette (TLC)

Royal and Chantel Everett have always been close, but lately, things have not been looking great for the brother-sister duo. Ever since Royal married Angenette, Chantel has been having doubts about her brother's wife. Chantel was quick to question their relationship when she found out Angenette had been talking to other guys in the US.

This made her question if she was faithful in the relationship. To make matters worse, Chantel found out that Royal questioned if the baby that Angenette was pregnant with was his. Seeing all these incidents lying in front of her, Chantel made sure she confronted Angenette. However, the response that she received from her was not what she expected. Angenette was quick to dismiss all the claims. Meanwhile, Royal decided to change his story when confronted by Angenette. Royal hinted that Chantel was making up things as he had never uttered a word about their relationship to her. He further pointed out that Chantel might be jealous of Angenette as her husband Pedro Jimeno was not accepted by their family.

Unlike Angenette, who was greeted with warm smiles and hugs, Pedro's story was a bit different. When Chantel told her family about him, they did not seem happy and questioned his intentions. Their families got involved as arguments erupted between the two. For a long time, Chantel's family was not happy about her marrying Pedro. However, with time, they accepted him. Pedro has also been vocal about the difference in treatment that he and Angenette got from the family. He was shocked to see Angenette was welcomed into the family, while to date, he has to try hard to make Chantel's family like him.

At the same time, Chantel also thought her husband was treated harshly as compared to Angenette. Despite this, she has made it clear time and again that her doubts arise from everything she has been told about Angenette. After coming to the Philippines for Royal and Angenette's wedding, Chantel's doubts became stronger. She questioned Angenette for the way she was treating Royal. With things getting complicated in the family, will Royal and Angenette go forward with the wedding? 

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