'The Family Chantel': Angenette uninvites the Everett family for the wedding after her loyalty is questioned

Angenette is putting her foot down after being questioned countless times about her intentions to marry Royal

                            'The Family Chantel': Angenette uninvites the Everett family for the wedding after her loyalty is questioned

The Everett family has a list of questions lined up for Angenette, but the top one focuses on her intentions to marry Royal Everett. Ever since Angenette joined the family, Chantel Everett had her doubts. She was shocked to hear from Royal that Angenette had been talking to other men from the US. This made her wonder if she was looking for a US citizen to come to the country. As time went by, things got complicated as Royal's mother, Karen Everett, accused Angenette's mother of talking to her brother. This made the family wonder if Angenette and her family had been fishing for a family to find their way into the US. 

Even though Angenette denied these claims countless times, they did not seem convinced. Chantel hinted Angenette should stay in the Philippines instead of coming back to the US. While the rest of the family was against Angenette, Royal decided to stand by his wife. He was quick to shut everyone down and stated that the wedding would go on as planned. He asked his family to behave and stop accusing Angenette of anything.

However, Chantel and Karen seemed to have some other plans. Ahead of their wedding, Royal and Angenette were set to take part in a celebration. The pair decided this would be the right time to confront Angenette and her mother. Karen and Chantel questioned Angenette's mother about the profile. However, Angenette insisted that it was not her mother's profile. Chantel again accused Angenette of "fishing for Americans," while Karen stated she was "running a game on somebody." The two were convinced Angenette is guilty. 

After facing this situation again, Angenette decided to put her foot down. She walked away from the conversation and made it clear that she did not want them at the wedding. She broke down crying as he saw the Everett family continued to treat her differently. Meanwhile, Karen thought she did not owe Angenette an apology even though she ended up crying in the end. 

While Chantel and Karen think they are right, Royal does not. He had previously asked his family to keep things drama-free. However, things did not go that way. Will this become the reason for Royal to send his family back to the US?

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