'The Daily Show' host Trevor Noah to star in Netflix stand-up special 'Son of Patricia'

Trevor Noah did a special for Netflix called 'Afraid of the Dark' early last year where he talked about immigration and, of course, Donald Trump

                            'The Daily Show' host Trevor Noah to star in Netflix stand-up special 'Son of Patricia'

Trevor Noah, the host of 'The Daily Show' on Comedy Central, is getting a special on Netflix called 'Son of Patricia'. Interestingly, his mother's name happens to be Patricia. Noah is known to make satirical commentary on the current situation in the United States on 'The Daily Show' and his Netflix special will also see him discuss topics like racism, immigration, camping, and others. 

Noah made the announcement via an adorable video he posted on social media which featured a little surprise he claimed to have got off "Craig's list".


This is not the first special Noah is doing with Netflix. He had done a special early last year for Netflix called 'Afraid of the Dark'. In the show, Noah had covered similar topics like immigration and, of course, Trump, sometimes directly and sometimes as the one who wants to 'take their country back' from immigrants. Noah had spoken on his previous show about how he finds certain American's anti-immigrant opinion ironic, reported Mic

"Everyone is an immigrant from somewhere," Noah says. "Whenever I see people have those conversations in America about 'these damn immigrants', I always wonder what Native Americans must be thinking when they’re listening to the words that are being said, you know?" 

He also impressed his viewers by the number of accents he could speak in. He told the audience about his love for accents saying, "I love accents because I’m always impressed by how much power they have over us, over our minds." He added, "When someone speaks a certain way, it changes how we feel about that person, for good and for bad. We do it all the time."


Many fans commented on his recent post about how they love it when he talks in an accent and were wondering if his upcoming stand-up special will have him doing accents.

The video posted by Noah announcing the new special also featured a baby dressed as a chicken who also had the most perfect timing. The fans have asked Noah to do a show with the baby, which will be a little difficult as the baby will most definitely steal the show. 

The previous show was well-received by the viewers and, we guess, that is what pushed Netflix to give Noah another shot. It would be really interesting to see Noah doing another special on some of the sensitive topics like immigration and racism but, one thing is for sure, people will most definitely be rolling on the floor laughing when the show premieres on November 20 on Netflix.