'The Deuce' weekly review: A murder changes things at the peep shows

This week's episode 'What Big Things' starts with a peek at Larry's junk - which really isn't for the weak of heart.  

                            'The Deuce' weekly review: A murder changes things at the peep shows

"Oh my! What big ideas you have!"

We've always known that in this rising porn empire of New York City, the women have always received the short end of the stick - but just how much, we see now. There are ambitions thrown around like confetti and everyone wants to make a quick buck. It's like a rat race and the ones that get trampled on the most are, you guessed it, the women. Men we thought were your typical nice guys take off their mask this week. Episode 4 of the 'The Deuce', talks about the extremely dark side of the rising porn industry. 

As competition rises between the sex parlors, there are gangs setting fire to each other's parlors. In one such incident, Rudy Pipolo's parlor gets torched and an underage girl is burnt to death. None of the men seem to care - not Bobby, not Vincent not her father. She lays in the morgue unclaimed until Abby and Ashley decide that she deserves a respectful goodbye. The two men think that no one really was unjust to Jane Doe. She was paid well for what she did and they brush it off as an accident. Bobby doesn't bat an eye about the fact that she was just a teenage girl clearly implying that they were all disposable and it only mattered if money was involved. Only when Ashley and Abby start asking questions does the guilt eventually surface. Although tight-lipped about it, we see that it is taking a toll on Bobby.

We also spot something of a hairline fracture in Vincent and Abby's relationship. After painting a picture of a home away from the mess that is Hi-Hat and sweet dreams of a starting a family, Abby catches Vinny almost snooping away with Viv. She calls her an "ungrateful bitch" (after all, she put together her show at the bar) but asks Vinny to "better not keep her waiting." Clearly, her family dreams are gone but there's also a flicker of something else in Abby's eyes as she down a shot - she's tired of men trampling all over her. She seems to find her cause in finding out Jane Doe's story. Also, did someone else spot how similar Abby has started looking like rockstar Joan Jett? The shag is on point!

 Meanwhile, our ambitious director Candy is giving her adult version of 'Red Riding Hood' all the push she thinks it needs. She's recruiting new people for the film and hasn't had much luck. She continues to persevere - even trying to script it during her 'meetings'. There's also a shift change when we see Lori asking her director for some "professionalism". These two characters continue to fight against all odds to make a name and get to the top their way. There are double standards every step of the way for them. Candy has to prostitute herself only to get much less money than she needs but on the other hand, Paul just got a $13,000 loan from Vincent just because he had a good relationship with him. When Paul wants to set up his own business away from the Gambinos it is respected but when Candy wants to do something similar, it's a joke. Similarly, when Lori won an award in LA, CC threw a tantrum and Lori had to "calm him down". It's like he thinks she owes him for the success she has had. 

Larry, in the meantime, is trying to get into porn and is showing some really great potential. He's working with Candy and she's giving him artistic freedom to make the characters as lifelike as possible - art reflecting society and all. The episode starts with a peek at Larry's junk - which really isn't for the weak of heart.  

 'The Deuce' airs on Sundays on HBO at 9 pm.

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