Trevor Noah refers to the 'noose' in chat with Bubba Wallace, but viewers say 'facts' state it was 'garage rope'

During their discussion about the infamous NASCAR noose incident, Trevor Noah and Bubba Wallace kept referring to the rope as 'noose'

                            Trevor Noah refers to the 'noose' in chat with Bubba Wallace, but viewers say 'facts' state it was 'garage rope'
Trevor Noah and Bubba Wallace (Comedy Central)

NASCAR's only black driver, Bubba Wallace, has been making headlines ever since he got the NASCAR to ban the flying of the Confederate flag at the races. Bubba received a lot of backlash from the southerners, who viewed the flag as a part of their "southern heritage". Unfortunately for Bubba, that was just the beginning oh his troubles. A few days later, a noose was found in the garage where the race-car driver was supposed to park his car. This soon sparked speculations of hate-crime against Bubba, and the internet was collectively concerned for the safety of Bubba.

The matter was so grave that even the FBI was roped in to investigate the "noose" incident and determine whether it was a hate crime or not. After some preliminary investigations, the FBI came to the conclusion that it wasn't a hate crime, and the noose found in the garage turned out to be a garage rope used for opening and the closing of the garage. 

Although NASCAR and Bubba were relieved that it wasn't a hate crime, the race car driver was intensely scrutinized on the internet by trolls who felt that it was an attention-seeking ploy from him.  While people continued speculating about the noose and its presence in Bubba's garage, the race-car driver decided to make an appearance on 'The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah' and set the record straight. 

Bubba Wallace, driver of the #43 McDonald's Chevrolet, wears a "I Can't Breathe - Black Lives Matter" T-shirt under his fire suit in solidarity with protesters around the world taking to the streets after the death of George Floyd on May 25 (Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The NASCAR driver narrated how he found out about the presence of noose and a possible hate-crime from none other than the NASCAR president himself and recounted how emotional he felt on hearing it. He then went on to explain how all the NASCAR drivers rallied for him and extended their support to him the next day during the race. When Trevor asked Bubba about the noose and FBI's conclusion specifically, Bubba revealed how he was compared to Jessie Smollet. Although the FBI concluded that it was just a garage door rope, Bubba still continued referring to it as a noose, and revealed that none of the other drivers' garages had a rope tied in a similar fashion in theirs. 

Despite, Bubba's insistence that it was a noose, although he is willing to give a benefit of the doubt about whether it was directed at him or not, the internet is refusing to acknowledge the garage door rope as a noose. Several users took to their Twitter to remind both Trevor Noah and Bubba that it wasn't a noose. A user tweeted, "@BubbaWallace is making his rounds on @TheDailyShow w/ the known antagonist & racist half white comedian @Trevornoah! Noah said, what a relief to Bubba, as if what he experienced was tragic considering it wasn't a noose, but rather a garage door rope! #BubbaSmollett #NOOSECAR." Another user wrote, "@Trevornoah is still claiming that the pulldown rope in @BubbaWallace garage was a noose. How has the media turned so left, that when presented with actual facts they can’t embrace it? #FakeNoose #WokeMob."

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